Houston Texans: Bradley Roby signals to fans what he needs to do

Houston Texans cornerback Bradley Roby (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Houston Texans cornerback Bradley Roby (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans cornerback Bradley Roby is back on a three-year, $36 million deal and he’s got a message. What is he signaling to fans?

Houston Texans‘ faithful — this is typically the time of the year when the football news goes into a lull as the draft is completed and the team starts to execute their offseason workout program.  There is a bit of news that comes out of it but it’s mostly uneventful but yet intriguing because you get a good pulse check on how the rookies are progressing with learning the system.

This also gives the veterans an opportunity to workout — although not a mandate — for the media to get a little a bit of extra access to get the answers to questions that are on so many of our minds.

But that all has been laid to rest for now as we’re all spread out to prevent the spread of a pandemic that has rattled just about every civilization on the globe, ensuring that crowding together, integral to such a contact sport, cannot happen for now thus putting things on pause.

There may neither be an offseason program — nor a training camp — because of this and if the green light is given, these guys may have to jump right into the season cold turkey with little time to prepare as if conditions were normal.

This is the reality that we’re facing but with the start of the season still far on the horizon, that may not be a possibility.

But anyway, there are many eyes among the likes of cornerback Bradley Roby, who signed a three-year, $36 million deal just this past March.  It includes $19 million guaranteed and it’s certainly a move that brings Roby to the center of being the lead cornerback for this team.

That role had been anchored by Johnathan Joseph for the past nine seasons but it was clearly obvious that it was time to move in a different direction, despite Joseph being the greatest free-agency signing that this franchise has ever had.

Although many of us were curious about his next move, Joseph declared that he’s not done yet, signing a one-year deal with the Tennessee Titans. He’s teaming up with his old coach, one-time defensive coordinator and long-time linebackers’ coach Mike Vrabel who is at the helm of a budding team that was just a shake of a lamb’s tail away from the Super Bowl.  Good for him and I wish him the best of luck.

But now that Roby is in charge, he acknowledges what he has do and here’s what he told the Chron’s Aaron Wilson during a telephone interview after a fundraising effort to help feed Houston families that need it the most.  Roby recently partnered with UnitedHealthcare to donate $20,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of Houston.

He talked about he could relate to those he was helping in need plus clearly signaled that he

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wanted to remain with the Houston Texans from get-go.

Here’s what he said:

"“It was where I needed to be,” Roby said. “It was a win-win for both sides. I look forward to it. I’m glad we were able to get it done. I was vocal about that.“It’s time to take over. I’m not playing no more. I’m in Year 7 now. It’s like I really got to get into my prime.”"

Taking over will have to include honing on his best ability, his availability.  Roby missed six games last season while nursing a concerning hamstring injury but when he returned late in the season, he demonstrated that he could be a incredible producer of pass coverage when called upon.

That’s why the Houston Texans are taking the gamble on Roby, who was with the team on a one-year, $10M deal and signing him up for bonus rounds.

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We can hope for nothing but the best but I see good things coming out from this guy.

Roby, 28, finished up his 2019 campaign with 38 tackles — 35 solos — along with two interceptions, eight passes defensed, one forced fumble, 1.0 sack, two tackles-for-loss and one quarterback hit through 10 starts.