Houston Texans: Top Undrafted Players in Franchise History

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 01: Dylan Cole #51 of the Houston Texans
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 01: Dylan Cole #51 of the Houston Texans /
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The Houston Texans have appeared to come away with a pretty decent haul in the undrafted class. Even so, could any of this year’s picks work their way into the top undrafted players in franchise history?

The Houston Texans completed their 17th draft this past weekend. Well, not including the expansion draft in 2002. The team has a history of valuing the players that go undrafted, giving them every shot to come in and compete.

In this three-part series, we’ll take a look at the Houston Texans history with rookies. You can view the top draft picks in Texans history here. The top draft busts can be found here. This article will focus on the best, undrafted players in team history.

For the most part, you won’t see any former undrafted players on this list that weren’t originally signed by the Texans. There are some guys that could climb this last from the past couple of years. There could also be guys from this year’s crop to climb the list.

All that being said, let’s get to the Honorable Mentions!