Houston Texans: Top Draft Picks in Franchise History

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The Houston Texans have appeared to come away with a pretty decent haul in the 2018 draft. Could any of this year’s picks work their way into the top picks in Texans history?

The Houston Texans completed their 17th draft this past weekend. Well, not including the expansion draft in 2002. Which we won’t be on this list. There have been some major hits. There have been some major misses.

In this three-part series, we’ll take a look at the Houston Texans’ history with rookies. This article will focus on the best picks in franchise history.

In order to get this list as accurate as possible, picks more recent than 2015 will not be considered. A lot of these players still have to continue to prove their worth. That is if they are currently on track to be included on this list. Some players may not even be on our radar yet.

Players on this list could range from the first round to the seventh round. Some first round players may not be as high on this list as you may think they should be. Simply because first round picks are supposed to produce.

There may be players missing, too high, or too low for you. Let me know what you think, whether you agree, disagree, or think someone should be included. So, this list will be comprised while trying to weigh and balance value, production, and expectation.

That being said, let us get to the honorable mentions.

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