Houston Astros: Alex Bregman signing Scott Boras could number his days

Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Houston Astros third baseman has finally picked a new agent and it’s a familiar name in Scott Boras. Could his days be numbered with the team?

It’s July Houston Astros‘ faithful and the restart of a new season of baseball is finally imminent.  This could likely be without fans — at least for the early stages of the season — so we all must be prepared for that element to be missing when we’re watching the action on television.

It will be incredibly quiet during at-bats instead of the normal fan chatter, yells as well as the smell of fresh popcorn, hot dogs and cold beer, reminding us that we’re not back to normal but the strive to do so as much as possible is there.

There will be strict protocols in regard to what players can and cannot do out on the diamond in order to keep them safe and it will be a hell of an adjustment from what they’re used to.  No spitting, licking of the hands — for the pitchers — loitering the clubhouse, showers, some of the things that players hold sacred will be not as prevalent in the new normal.

But now is as good time as any for the Houston Astros to make their mark as they’ve had extra time to rest up from an elongated season, taking the Washington Nationals to seven games in last year’s World Series, finishing as the runner-up.

It’s an admirable run, but unfortunately, trophies and celebrations aren’t given for that so it’s time for them to kick down the door of 2020 and prove to the world that they can win another without the benefit of having stolen signs from the opposing team.

But as the Houston Astros set their compass for absolutely crushing it this season, Alex Bregman has been busy shopping for a new agent and he inked a guy that we all feared that he’d pick.

Yes, he’s getting the ruthless Scott Boras to represent him.

In terms of a savvy business move, it’s certainly for the best interest of his career and earnings.  But for the Houston Astros’ fan, you have to wonder if his days with this franchise is numbered.

He’s been a nice complement to their hitting core of Jose Altuve, George Springer, Carlos Correa and to a slightly lesser extent, Michael Brantley and Yordan Alvarez.

Bregman is locked into a six-year $100 million deal through 2024 but I’d imagine Boras is going to want to talk an extension somewhere around 2022 and it may be a price that the franchise may not be able to afford, depending on their situation a few years from now.  I’d expect this team to be a perennial contender for the near future and just to keep this team together may take a lot of resources and it’ll be interesting to see if the team will have them at that point to retain him.

I’d love to have Alex Bregman as a member of the Astros forever but we can’t be that naive to

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know that it’s a two-way street in terms of professional baseball being a huge business and ultimately decisions have to be made in the best interest of the parties involved.

It didn’t have to be this way — Bregman was happy with his former agent Brodie Scofield but he recently decided to join Rich Paul’s burgeoning sports agency, Klutch Sports Group, where their most prominent client is one LeBron James.

On the production side of this organization, there will be documentary that will be released in regard to the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal — James has prominently weighed-in on this — and I’m sure Bregman felt that there was too much of a conflict of interest.

But to switch from Scofield to Boras is a HUGE transition — he just negotiated Gerrit Cole‘s monster $300 million+ deal over the next decade and beyond.  You can’t help but think that Bregs wants some of that bread as well.  He will certainly earn it but the question remains if the Houston Astros can afford him once that time comes?

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We’ll have to keep an eye over the next few seasons but I was compelled to write about this because I’m a pretty solid foreshadowing person and it’s possible this storyline is not going to end that way we want it with Bregman retiring as an Astro only.

We’ll see — let’s go Houston Astros!