Houston Texans investment in Lonnie Johnson Jr. remains strong as ever

Houston Texans cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)
Houston Texans cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans cornerback Lonnie Johnson Jr. has starting to bud and the team wants to continue to be a part of his growth. What’s the latest with him?

The Houston Texans are the midst of a virtual offseason that has been exacerbated by one of the largest global pandemics of our time and doesn’t appear that things will be getting back to the normal that we’re used to any time soon.

Social distancing and wearing masks will be the new norm so we just might as well be prepared for it.  Before it became a mandate in some public areas, I was already practicing the aforementioned because I knew this was something to be expected.

Even if it’s not required wherever you are, it’s still important to wear one because it just shows a sense that you do care about that next human being walking close to you within six feet of distance.

We all have to do our part to ensure that we prevent the spread of this novel coronavirus while some of the smartest people in the world develop not only treatment plans but an eventual vaccine to keep us all immune to it and we get back to the normal that we’re used to once again.

There are a lot of ill people out there right now and they need to get well so that’s the most important right now.

In lieu of that, the NFL’s virtual offseason has been extended through May meaning that the Houston Texans will not hold any in-person workouts at their facilities at least for the next few weeks.  This will certainly affect the rookie’s readiness including our 2020 draftees that include:  Ross Blacklock, Jonathan Greenard, Charlie Heck, John Reid and Isaiah Coulter.

They’ll likely not see much time this season but could get out there to some degree depending on the circumstances of the game as well as the outlook on the season.

But one of the bright spots within the secondary has been the upside Lonnie Johnson Jr., who is going into his sophomore season.  Because of injuries, he had the opportunity to play way more than expected last season and the second-round pick out of Kentucky was able to shine in most moments.

He still has some fine-tuning to get done but I have no doubt that he will.  Just learning about

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Johnson’s childhood in Gary, Ind. and how we got to where he is today is nothing short of inspiring.  He will crush it because I’m sure he doesn’t want to set foot back there again unless it’s to visit and that’s it.

Defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver feels that his strength continues to be at the cornerback position and that a season under his belt will help him moving forward.

He wasn’t perfect but he shows plenty of promise, especially with a key play he made in the AFC Divisional Round against the Kansas City Chiefs where he batted away a pass to Travis Kelce.  Although his overall performance wasn’t that great, neither was any other guys on that team after the first quarter, this will obviously be a learning experience for Johnson.

He’s fast, he’s long and is a ball hawk in every sense of the word so I have full faith and confidence in Johnson to succeed but it will be up to him, of course, to ensure that it happens.

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Let’s hope for the best and he’s truly been one of the more intriguing draft picks the Houston Texans have made over years.  We’ve got to keep an eye.

Johnson accumulated 41 tackles along with seven passes defensed and zero interceptions through 14 games — seven starts in 2019.