Houston Astros: The reason why you must tune-in to the KBO

The Doosan Bears against the LG Twins as the Houston Astros look from afar (Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images)
The Doosan Bears against the LG Twins as the Houston Astros look from afar (Photo by JUNG YEON-JE/AFP via Getty Images) /

The Houston Astros’ season remains on pause as the globe does its part to fight a pandemic amid Korean Baseball starting up. Why is it important to tune-in?

The Houston Astros‘ season is still very much in question on when it will start but we’re all holding onto our hats as far as any developments are occurring on how Major League Baseball will bring back a sport that is beloved.

At this moment, we’d be at the thick of the season, with us being more than a month and a half in with a good idea of the direction of how the season would pan out.  It would’ve been under the tutelage of a new manager in Dusty Baker along with GM James Click, two widely-respected individuals in the league.

We likely would’ve gotten our answers on who would’ve filled out the starting rotation outside of Justin Verlander, Zack Greinke and Lance McCullers, Jr.  Brad Peacock and Jose Urquidy would’ve likely been the obvious nods to take over but depending on how the battles in Spring Training went, that might have not been so certain.

The positional player’s side of it all would’ve been largely predictable with the team seeing A LOT of Myles Straw, who is a valuable asset that the Houston Astros would hold onto for a while.

There would’ve been tremendous pressure on the Houston Astros with each game that they played because of the stigma of the sign-stealing scandal that they were implicated in earlier this year that caused punitive damages in fines, loss of draft picks as well as the jettisoning of AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow.

With us all trying our best to stay safe from COVID-19, which has been forefront, it seems as if that has taken a backseat to the serious issue while we all deal with the pandemic of a lifetime.  But rest assured, if baseball does start back up, fans won’t forget, they’ll be front and center, booing the Houston Astros profusely.

I personally don’t blame them for doing so but I think my team has received an unfair amount of criticism when the Boston Red Sox, which did the EXACT same thing back in the 2018 season, basically got a slap on the wrist while the trajectory of the Houston Astros’ franchise could be altered forever.

But with all of the jeers aside and while we wait for things to start up here, I’m definitely going to watch the start of the KBO (Korean Baseball Championship) which launched early this morning.  ESPN has gotten the right to broadcast games but the live-action will take place in the wee hours because of the time difference between the U.S. and South Korea.

The sports world will be watching as South Korea’s highest level of baseball takes the field without fans and it will certainly be a test subject as far as how other sports leagues should approach bringing back their players to complete.

The league’s games will be on repeat throughout the day so fans won’t have to worry about missing the games that are live early in the morning.  We’ll be turning for the foreseeable to watch

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the Doosan Bears defend their title while battling against the nine other teams through a 144-game schedule to stretch through this fall.

Although South Korea was affected by the coronavirus, the number of cases, as well as those losing their lives, are a fraction of where the U.S. is at this point.  They mitigated the transmissions early plus they were aggressive with testing as well as contact tracing to isolate those that were infected.  They’re barely starting to re-open up the country while our own has to make tough decisions on trying to solve a health and economic problem simultaneously while testing remains an issue.

It makes sense for the KBO to get started and I’m sure we’re all going be familiar with the names of the players overseas, we’ll have our heroes and I personally will be rooting for our South Korean allies overseas to succeed at this.

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It’ll be interesting to see how this shakes out but I for one will be tuning in!

Let’s go!