Houston Astros: Evan Gattis breaks silence on scandal

Former Houston Astros catcher/DH Evan Gattis (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Former Houston Astros catcher/DH Evan Gattis (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

It’s been almost two years since Evan Gattis was last playing baseball. Now, for the first time, he gives his thoughts on the Houston Astros’ 2017 season.

A large number of former Houston Astros players from 2017 are either still on the team, or in the league somewhere else. As part of the punishment, none are really supposed to speak on the sign-stealing scandal. Those same rules don’t apply to retired players, like Evan Gattis.

And just the other day, he made his feelings perfectly clear.

On his personal Twitter account, Evan Gattis tweeted the following picture of a drinking glass he got that appeared to throw shade at Mike Fiers. You can see for yourselves below:

Later, El Oso Blanco made a clarification tweet about posting the glass.

The commentary did not stop there. Along the same tweet thread, Gattis continued his assessment on the sign-stealing scandal from a season where he was still on the team.

Personally, I did not expect for any former player, let alone Evan Gattis, to give voice to the scandal so closely removed from the actual punishment. After all, it was only this past January where Commissioner Rob Manfred handed down his punishment imposed on the Houston Astros by the league.

It goes without saying that most other fan bases will see such a tweet thread as a player being too cavalier on the subject. However, I don’t see it that way. There are two reasons for me coming to this particular conclusion.

1. A new fantastic point of view

As previously stated, most of the players who were in the Houston Astros organization are not

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really going to speak out about it due to the league stipulations on the matter. Even those that have moved on to other clubs and get asked by it have to be as vague as humanly possible.

What makes Gattis’ take on it is that he is given the freedom to be as open about it as he wants to with no repercussions. As you can see while reading it, he did not hold back on anything. He acknowledges responsibility, while at the same time, giving the fan base an inside point of view on some things that have already been suspected throughout the league.

Whether or not the league will do the right thing and punish other clubs just as harshly remains to be seen. Nevertheless, the candidness of the White Bear should be appreciated.

2. Unconditional love

There is the old parable that you should always love someone unconditionally. Obviously, we feel that for any player that has ever put on a Houston Astros uniform. The same does and should remain, true for the likes of Evan Gattis.

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I mean, it’s not every day you go from being a janitor to a World Series Champion in the span of less than a decade. I applaud the bear for enlightening all of us with his wisdom. It is my sincere hope that the remainder of the fan base will join me in doing so as well.