Houston Texans: Strategy replacing Tashaun Gipson doesn’t go far enough

Former Houston Texans safety Tashaun Gipson (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Former Houston Texans safety Tashaun Gipson (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans have released Tashaun Gipson but it almost as if it was way too late. What’s their strategy to replace his presence? Let’s dive into it.

Houston Texans‘ fans — as the dust settles from the NFL Draft, it’s time to get to the business of having a depiction of what this team should look like with the draft picks — as well as the undrafted free agents — interwoven into the team’s roster.

Bill O’Brien is going to likely stay around 85 players through training camp — if there is one held — before doing the final trim-down to 53 men — if there is a season which is likely — to compete for their 2020 campaign.

Difficult decisions will continue to be made through the offseason as they try to figure what’s the best way for this group to stay in shape, yet stay in the know of the latest strategies for the upcoming season.

It won’t be easy and O’Brien has already admonished that it will be a year of the veterans because of them already being ready to go, familiar with his system and that they are working out on their own.

Those rookies need a bit of extra care in getting them up to speed and it’s likely not going to be this season.

That’s okay because once things get back to normal, they’ll be an integral part of the team’s focus to get better.  It also alludes to why the Houston Texans drafted only five guys and signed nine undrafted guys as free agents.  The numbers are usually slightly a bit more than what we’re seeing this year.

But while that’s going and speaking of veterans, the Houston Texans have decided to release Tashaun Gipson from the roster.  This was a guy that I wondered how he was going to be able to perform this season considering the injuries that he sustained last season.

After spending three seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars, he signed a three-year, $22.5 million deal in free agency back last year but the Houston Texans have already said their goodbyes to the veteran safety.  He earned $8.4 million last season and would’ve made $6.25 million this season but with his cut, the team only owes half of that amount at $3.25 million, plus $1 million more in 2021.  That will go on the books as dead cap money.

Gipson was reeling from a back injury that he sustained toward the end of the season, causing him to miss the playoffs plus a wrist injury that had him out two games earlier in 2019.

But the Houston Texans obviously didn’t feel confident about his ability to help the team so it will be up to the newly-signed Eric Murray — who signed a three-year, $20.5 deal last month — veteran safety Jaylen Watkins, Michael Thomas and Justin Reid to fill-out a unit that vastly underperformed in the playoffs.

Reid too was injured but played through the pain.  Outside of him, those remaining three guys combined for five passes defensed, seven tackles-for-loss and zero interceptions last season with their respective teams.  Does that give you any semblance of confidence?

I’m not trusting of this group and they should’ve invested in a valuable safety early in the draft and LSU’s Grant Delpit would’ve been available easily make it a plug-and-play type of situation with the level of talent that guy has.

The team decided to pick Ross Blacklockwho was selected at No. 40 — while the Cleveland Browns were able to snatch him up at No. 44.  In just four picks, the Houston Texans would’ve been able to solve their safety problem.

Do you know why they decided against Delpit?  Because like I said, O’Brien will be playing veterans

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this season and he feels asking a rookie to step in with significant playing time would be asking too much, considering that they’ll have likely little time to prepare.

But sometimes you have to go for it and I think Delpit would’ve been fine if he had to play more than expected.  He was one of the best players available at No. 40 and although Blacklock was a sound choice, I think they could’ve used another dominant safety just a bit more.

We’ll definitely have to see how this unit performs but unless another signing is made or one of the rookies jumps off the charts, that’s the group they’re going with and I’m concerned.

Nonetheless, I’m positive Gipson will get a deal elsewhere and will gain some traction with interest but if they were going to do this, they should’ve been ahead of the curve and cut him sooner.

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But that’s just me…

We’ll just have to let this play out and hope for the best because the Houston Texans have likely gotten themselves into a pickle.

Good luck Tashaun.