Houston Astros: Derek Jeter offers his opinion on sign-stealing scandal

Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, weighing in on the Houston Astros (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Marlins CEO Derek Jeter, weighing in on the Houston Astros (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /

Legendary Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter weighed in on the latest with the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal fallout. What did he say? Let’s examine.

The Houston Astros have started out their Spring Training schedule 1-1 with their hopes pinned on having a successful season amid losing key free agents Gerrit Cole and Will Harris amid a sign-stealing scandal that has rocked the baseball world.

With each of the 162 games that the Houston Astros will partake in, they’ll have to deal with the stigma of being cheaters, despite them not using sign-stealing technology back last season, still catapulting themselves to the World Series, putting them just several outs away from winning their second title.

All of that is yesterday’s news with the story that will change the landscape of baseball forever in regard to how far to cross the line in terms of how to steal each opponent’s signs.  It will continue but the MLB will continue to watch this closely to ensure that what the Houston Astros have been implicated in doesn’t happen again.

But in some good stuff to report, the Houston Astros were able to demolish the Detroit Tigers 11-1, in a game that had some of the players that were named in Commissioner Rob Manfred’s report on the investigation of the Houston Astros’ actions.

Myles Staw went 2-for-3 with a homer and Garrett Stubbs went 2-for-2 while also going yard as well.  The pitching staff — led by Bryan Abreu, who got the start — tossed 12 strikeouts and didn’t allow an earned run.

But back to the bad once again, legendary New York Yankees’ shortstop Derek Jeter weighed in on the scandal for the first time to the media.

What did he say?

He talked about all of the opinions that have spewed out from various personalities — within baseball or not — so here’s his take:

"“It’s like a slow drip of responses coming out from everyone,” Jeter said Monday at the Marlins’ spring training camp. “You hope at some point people can just move on. But look, it’s unfortunate. It’s a black eye for the sport.”"

He also added this:

"“When you talk about people trying to get an edge in baseball, I don’t think that’s anything new. People have been trying to do it for years,” Jeter said. “But, obviously, people took it way too far. And there are penalties for it. They’re paying the price.  Regardless of what the penalties are, others are going to have their opinions on what they think should happen. You hope that over time it passes. But I’m sure this is going to sting for a while.”"

Jeter did the right thing as he usually does — diffusing a messy situation — and handling it with total class.

We refer to him as “The Captain” for a reason.

His comments aren’t necessarily groundbreaking but he’s absolutely correct.  As much as us fans would like for this to go away, it’s not going to happen because of the fact that the players involved weren’t punished for their actions.

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Perhaps justice will be taken into opposing team’s own hands and it’s still uncertain on how that’s going to look once the season gets going.  Let’s hope someone doesn’t get hurt.

But nonetheless, it’s great to see baseball back once again and I’m hoping the Houston Astros have the most successful season known to man to silence their critics.