Houston Astros: Why Carlos Beltran may lose his New York Mets job

Former Houston Astros' designated hitter Carlos Beltran (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images)
Former Houston Astros' designated hitter Carlos Beltran (Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images) /

With the numerous amount of casualties from the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, Carlos Beltran, as an implicated player, may become another one.

At one time, he was considered to be a future Hall of Famer. Now, Carlos Beltran is getting attention for all of the wrong reasons. And we, as Houston Astros fans, really hate seeing it.

True, I was one of the folks who were vocal about him taking up playing time from Evan Gattis back during the championship year in 2017. Despite this, my respect has still always been there for Beltran.

But being one of the players named in the sign-stealing scandal may put his recent appointment as the new skipper for the New York Mets in jeopardy. In fact, some recent reports have indicated that the Mets may, in fact, be “mulling it over.” Or, as Bleacher Report puts it, “wavering.”

Alex Cora of the Boston Red Sox mutually parted ways with the club on Tuesday, just 24 hours after MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, handed down the punishment of the Houston Astros sign stealing. While the press conference and ensuing statements from both the Red Sox and Cora were a bit more civil than the Houston Astros firings, one has to wonder if this was really done “mutually” at all.

Whatever the case may be, a real problem has presented itself for Beltran. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that he had some choice words for the press about the issue. Here’s something he told Joel Sherman of The New York Post back in November:

"“I’m not aware of that camera,” Beltran told The Post in a text message exchange. “We were studying the opposite team every day.”“We took a lot of pride studying pitchers [on] the computer. That is the only technology that I use and understand,” he said. “It was fun seeing guys get to the ballpark to look for little details.”“The game of baseball for years, guys have given location and if the catchers get lazy and the pitcher doesn’t cover the signs from second base [then] of course players are going to take advantage. I don’t call that cheating. I call that using small details to take advantage. I think baseball is doing a great job adding new technology to make sure the game is even for both teams. It’s easy to blame someone when they win.”"

Do the above comments necessarily indicate a guilty conscience? In my humble opinion, I don’t

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completely see it. There is actually some truth to what he says, especially in the latter part of that statement.

Nevertheless, many will see such words as an admission of guilt, whether we as fans like it or not. To that end, it makes it difficult to know whether or not Beltran will remain the new manager of the New York Mets. If he stays, the Mets may be accused of looking the other way. If he is let go, it can be seen as too harsh.

Personally, I still feel the sting of this controversy as much as any of the other Astros faithful. However, Beltran is currently in hot water with an uncertain future. This is most certainly the textbook example of hoping for the best and bracing for the worst.

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