Houston Texans Rumors: Seven round mock draft 5.0 with trades

Houston Texans HC Bill O'Brien(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)
Houston Texans HC Bill O'Brien(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans draft target
Houston Texans draft target Jonah Williams (Photo by John Korduner/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images) /

In this scenario, the Houston Texans saw an offensive tackle they loved starting to slide down the draft board. So, they picked up the phone and called the Miami Dolphins, a team in full rebuild mode, to jump up and get their man. They traded the 23rd, 54th, and 161st overall picks to select Jonah Williams.

Williams was once considered the top tackle in the draft but there were stories invented that claimed he wouldn’t be able to stick it at tackle in the NFL. But, as Matt Miller of Bleacher Report says, “Scouting is a flat circle.” Meaning, teams are coming back around on Williams but I believe he will still slide some as teams jump up for more coveted guys.

The biggest issue with Williams was his arm length which came in at 33 5/8 inches. That’s in the range of Joe ThomasJoe StaleyJake Matthews, and many, many others. Williams has a shot at being a great left tackle for a long time. He’s experienced and a winner with refined technique and footwork. The Houston Texans shouldn’t overthink this one and stop a draft day slide just like they did last year with Justin Reid.

The biggest concern for me with Williams is his size. His height is a little below average for a tackle but that doesn’t bother me. His weight at just about 300 lbs does. However, he was productive at that weight in the SEC so, if he’s able to add a few pounds in an NFL weight room, this shouldn’t end up being a problem.

Williams can definitely be a standout left tackle in the NFL. He is also just a very good, versatile player who can play anywhere along the line. So, he will allow the Houston Texans to field the best five offensive linemen they’ve got regardless of position. He’s worth trading up for.