Houston Rockets: Carmelo Anthony has become what Morey has feared

Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets forward Carmelo Anthony (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /

The Houston Rockets were expecting Carmelo Anthony to be an integral part of what they do but he’s become what Daryl Morey has feared. What is that? Look.

The Houston Rockets have won just two of their last six games and with each matchup, you have to wonder if they’re going to turn a corner or if one is going to see the highly-disappointing, underachieving team that we’ve seen as a quarter of the season has completed.

From the games I’ve seen, the effort is there night in and out but the defensive prowess, laying it all on the line with each play is missing.  To have this type of demeanor, one cannot take plays off on that end and they must follow it to completion.

Going into each game with the relentless mindset that one won’t lose the game regardless must be had or else one gets in the situation of being complacent.  I talked about this in another piece alluding to Eric Gordon‘s frustration with the way the Houston Rockets had been playing but I do think those sentiments he raised are definitely true.

We thought that Carmelo Anthony was the problem with this team this season so that solution was to allow him to part ways with the franchise.  Since Melo last game Nov. 8, the Houston Rockets have gone 7-6 over the past 13 games since his departure which certainly indicates that the problems with this team a far deeper than one man.

In fact, Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey acknowledged that he made a mistake in trying to bring Melo into the fold while jumping on sports reporting veteran Tom Haberstroh’s podcast.

Here’s what he expressed:

"“It really is mostly on me, honestly,” Morey said. “I saw the fit there and really didn’t go the way I thought it would. He can still really help a team.”More from House of HoustonAre you the 2021 FanSided Sports Fan of the Year?Houston Texans: 4 reasons Romeo Crennel is right coach right nowAstros-Twins Wild Card Series: 5 things to know as MLB postseason beginsHouston Texans: The Most Underrated Sports Drought EverHouston Texans: J.J. Watt’s early case for NFL Hall of Fame"

Those comments certainly indicate that Morey has intentions on wanting to trade him when he becomes eligible one week from today, which will be Saturday, Dec. 15.

Is there a trade market for Melo?  That’s an excellent question as I do think that he has value and is only a $1.51 million cap hit for any team that decides to sign him at this point.

I had proposed that the best path for Melo is to be traded to the Los Angeles Lakers and even went on the record to tell you what’s the best proposal to get things pushed through.

There have been some whispers that LeBron James had expressed interest in bringing Melo into the fold but the franchise continues to drive home the fact that they’re not interested in the 10-time NBA All-Star.

Here’s what’s going to likely happen a short while after Dec. 15 — the Houston Rockets will have to waive Melo and Morey will realize what he feared — he won’t be able to be traded. 

Although I think there’s hope that some team is interested in dealing with the Rockets so that they can acquire something for him, it’d just be prudent just to sit back and let him hit the waiver wire once again.

Five wings the Rockets can trade for. dark. Next

We’ll have to see but the clock will continue to tick as MeloWatch has resumed once again — let’s keep those eyes peeled.

Anthony, 34, averaged 13.4 points and 5.4 rebounds with a shooting line of .405/.328/.682 through 10 games this season.