Houston Dynamo: Where the team stands approaching the halfway point

The Houston Dynamo are rapidly approaching the halfway point of their season. Let’s take a look at where the team currently stands int he Western Conference.

The Houston Dynamo have been on an absolute tear the past couple of weeks. The pieces the organization has put together are starting to mesh. The rest of the Western Conference needs to look out.

The past five matches have seen the team only win once en route to a 3-1-1 record. Longtime USMNT stalwart Damarcus Beasley is firmly entrenched on the backline. Joining him is newcomer Alejandro Fuenmayor. The 21-year-old has adapted well to MLS life and has fared well against the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and David Villa.

Currently, the Houston Dynamo sit at fifth in the Western Conference. However, they’ve played anywhere from one to three matches fewer than some of the teams around them. They sit at 18 points but, only two out from third place. Sporting KC has an absolutely an insane lead sitting at 25 points.

As this season has progressed, the play of the improved. It seems like every match the team has worked more and more cohesively.

Alberth Elis has had a great year so far. He has the fourth highest player index in the league. Elis is also tied for second, with a ton of people, in the league for goals scored. However, he is doing so at an efficient rate. He has 48 shots, 25 of those being on goal. That’s a 52% rate. Pretty darn good. Elis also has the fourth highest player index in the league.

Elis is leading the way for the Dynamo who are tied for first in goals scored in the league. They are also third in the league for the fewest amount of offsides. All in all, we are looking at a really good team that is just hitting their stride.

What’s on the horizon?

The Houston Dynamo have two matches this week. The first being tonight against Real Salt Lake. Real sport two longtime USMNT guys in Nick Rimando and Kyle Beckerman. Beckerman has been an absolute stalwart for Real this year not missing a minute so far.

Real as conceded eleven goals in their past ten matches. However, five of those came in a 5-1 loss against LAFC. It’ll be tough for the Dynamo to extend their unbeaten streak as Real has won nine of their last ten at home.

Elis and Fuenmayor will lead the way for the Dynamo. These two have been a huge catalyst for this squad and will look to continue that tonight.

The Houston Dynamo’s second match of the week will be against the Montreal Impact on Saturday. Montreal currently sits in second to last in the Eastern Conference. They’ve won three matches and lost ten. If the Dynamo make it past Real it should be relatively simple for them to extend their unbeaten streak.

Like I’ve said before, the Dynamo are in an extremely good position to make a run. Earlier in the season their play wasn’t quite matching up with the results. However, things are starting to straighten out and the future looks bright in Houston.