Houston Rockets: Clint Capela is more valuable than Lebron James

CLEVELAND, OH - FEBRUARY 3: Clint Capela /
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The Lebron James to the Houston Rockets rumor mill is already churning. However, retaining key pieces will be more valuable than superstar hunting. Especially when it comes to Clint Capela.

The Houston Rockets have the chance to form the super teams of all super teams. They are rumored to be one of the teams that could lure Lebron James this offseason. Imagining James in a Rockets uniform alongside Chris Paul and James Harden is enough to make any fan salivate.

When you have the opportunity to go get the GOAT, you do it. Plain and simple. Right? Well, maybe not so fast. Fans, and hopefully the franchise, need to pump the brakes on the pursuit of LeBron.

Honestly, when I first heard this rumors months ago I was all in. You go get the GOAT, that’s that. But, the more I’ve thought about the worse of an idea it becomes. I’m still baffled at this thought process because it still seems to defy logic.

Deshaun Watson has already joined in on the recruitment of Lebron James. Because, once again, if you can get the GOAT, you get the GOAT! Everybody recognizes this.

However, chasing LeBron this offseason is not the wisest move for this team. Regardless of if the Houston Rockets finish off the Utah Jazz tomorrow and make it to the championship. Regardless of if the team blows it’s 3-1 lead to the Jazz.

Let’s take a look at why this is the case. Additionally, let’s take a look at why the retention of Clint Capela is more valuable to this team than the acquisition of LeBron James.