LeBron James: What Deshaun Watson told him in his sales pitch

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 13: LeBron James
NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 13: LeBron James /

I’d have to say that the thought of bringing LeBron James to Houston is a bit higher than a pipe dream as it’s a possibility considering the turmoil he’s going through in Cleveland.  Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson had some convincing words in regard to why he should pick H-Town if the King plans to opt out of his contract.

Whoa.  LeBron James to H-Town?  Houston Sports fans — look how far we’ve come.  We’ve gone to a begotten city that was the laughingstock on the national scene to one of reverence and we’re all witnesses to the renaissance that we’re experiencing at this time.

There have been a lot of people that have moved to Houston because of the booming energy industry and they’ve enjoyed the experience.  But if you’re a native like I am, this is even sweeter, especially the fact that teams are now able to attract high-profile free agents.  The allure of no state income tax went so far back in the past as they chose brighter pastures such as the sunny and cool canyons of the Los Angeles basin rather than our swamp-like, tropical weather conditions that exhibit some of the brutal summers known to man.

But just like we can endure our summers, we’ve shown our insurmountable spirit by outlasting decades of heartbreak and it’s safe to say things are getting good within the H-Town ranks.  What a time to be a fan of Houston sports.

But back to my point.  LeBron James‘ contract is expiring at the end of this season and he does have a $35.6 million option on the table that he can pick if he wants to stay in Cleveland.  But considering the rumored dysfunction among his teammates, the coaching staff as well as Dan Gilbert considering selling the team, it’s clearly obvious that he may want out to a better situation.

Now mind you that the Cavs have a sterling 30-20 record and are the No. 3 seed in the Eastern Conference — which would be acceptable for many franchises — but the bar is set high when LeBron’s at the helm and the expectations are not being met.

But our own Deshaun Watson had a few words of encouragement as LeBron James will have an important decision to make this off season.  He sat down with SI Now and gave his thoughts on the whole situation in this video clip.

Here’s what Watson had to say when asked about his specific sales pitch:

"“What we’re going to do on the football field in the next couple years,” Watson said. “What the baseball teams going to do, the Astros what they just did, and what the Houston Rockets are going to continue to do. It’s a city that is made for greatness and he should come and win some Championships.”"

These are powerful words considering they’re from our franchise quarterback who knows a thing or two about winning championships.  I still have to remind myself that the Houston Texans are lucky enough have him as their signal-caller.  What an eye-opening addition LeBron James would make.

Can the Rockets afford him?

Absolutely!  Although the team treading closer to the luxury tax line, Tilman Fertitta has gone out

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of his way to express that he’d be willing to pay the tax if it brought a competitive product to the hardwood.  You’ve got to spend money to make money right?

The team currently has $116 million committed to contract this season just $3 million away from the luxury tax line of $119 million.  Daryl Morey has also implied that the franchise will be making a serious, hotly-contested run for his services this off season if he should become available.

Although Chris Paul — another superstar lured away seeking greener pastures — is expected to be offered close or at the maximum allowable contract possible — worth five years, $210 million — they can still fit LeBron in.  Fertitta knows he can make his investment back billions of times over.  Trust me, he has been there done that with his Landry’s empire.

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But will LeBron James to H-Town notion actually happen?  It’s quite possible considering the movement in this direction over the past few seasons.  I’m actually going to put the odds at 50/50 because I know he’s strongly considering it.

Los Angeles would be the obvious choice for him because of the intense media presence, the outstanding weather and the fact that he has home out there too.  But can Morey pull another rabbit out his hat to land him?  I’m pushing all my chips to the table on this venture.

We’ll have to see how this pans out in the next few months.

Go Rockets.