Houston Texans: Tyrann Mathieu sort of hints at a long-term pact

GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 12: Free safety Tyrann Mathieu
GLENDALE, AZ - AUGUST 12: Free safety Tyrann Mathieu /

Houston Texans top free agency recruit Tyrann Mathieu is happy to be within the boundaries of the Bayou City and so much as said so with his recent write-up in the Player’s Tribune.  What I found interesting is that he made a semblance of signal indicating that he’d like to be here long-term.  Let’s take a look.

The Houston Texans had a serious void to fill in the secondary and there was no hope in sight that it’d be fixed any time soon.  After a lackluster performance from the guys we had last season, a spark was needed to light a fire within that unit up to the next level.

With the Houston Texans taking a stab at one of the top-recruited free agents in Tyrann Mathieu, they quickly were able to convince him to sign but at a cost-effective, one-year deal worth around $7 million.  That’s a bargain considering the versatility that he will bring to the table.

Although he will primarily be used at safety, if the situations warrants, he will be placed at corner back.  This all depends on what Romeo Crennel plans to do with all of the new toys he received in what was the league’s No. 1 defense just the season prior to this past one.

But with the hope and expectations aside, Mathieu recently had a piece up with the Player’s Tribune biding farewell to the Arizona Cardinals, the team that took a chance on him despite many teams shying away from him when he was drafted.

But here’s one of the most interesting quotes that he had about what he wants to do as a member of the Texans:

"“I like that I’m a hungry player coming to a hungry organization. I expect this to be a big year. It’s not enough to just make the playoffs, I want to win a Super Bowl here.  Houston welcomed me and my family with open arms when we needed it most. I’ve never forgotten that. It feels good to be back.”"

What can you take out of that quote?  We all know that winning a Super Bowl is a process that takes some time — and just the right luck — to get to that point.  Do the Texans expect themselves to contend for something so pretentious for this team at this point?  Absolutely!  Will

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they get there? I honestly think this team still has a few more pieces to add before they get there.

Although Mathieu didn’t say it wholeheartedly — and likely advised by his agent not to — I think he’d be willing to ink a long-term deal based on those quotes.  He seems to be in it for the long-haul, which is what it takes to earn that coveted Vince Lombardi trophy.

At least that’s something that can be tabled until the off season in 2019.  But I honestly see Mathieu being a member of this team for quite some time.  I just know it in my heart that his is with the city of H-Town.

Mathieu also talked about his experience living in a temporary shelter amid Hurricane Katrina and the deplorable conditions that he had experience while living there.  One of the most chilling thing he mentioned was that he witnessed a baby drop inadvertently from bunk beds stacked four-deep.  Why wasn’t an adult monitoring the situation?  To hell if I know but my heart dropped a bit while I was reading those troubling words as if the Honey Badger was personally telling me his story.

In that said piece, he also mentioned J.J. Watt being the guy to tip the scale in his decision, gives thanks to the Cardinals’ organization, talks about some of the memorable moments with the fans in ‘Zona, his most positive influence in fellow teammate/safety Rashad Johnson, as well looking forward to his future with the Houston Texans.

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It’s a terrific piece and if you haven’t had a chance to read it already, please do so.  It makes you appreciate a damn good story about adversity and all what Mathieu did to get to where he is today.

I can’t wait to see him wreak havoc out on the field for this team.

Go Texans.