Houston Astros: Kyle Tucker to start the season at Triple-A Fresno

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 06: Kyle Tucker
PORT ST. LUCIE, FL - MARCH 06: Kyle Tucker /

The Houston Astros will be embarking on the Opening Day of the season with the team taking on the Texas Rangers tomorrow afternoon.  The roster is set, the players are primed and they’re ready to go to war.  But news has broken out in regard to Kyle Tucker placement to start the season.  Where will he go? Let’s examine.

The Houston Astros 25-man roster is set and barring a few tweaks through the season, this will likely what will be presented to the world once again when this team contends for another title.  It’s certainly a marathon, not a sprint and I’m positive the brass that are running the team will take every precaution to do so.

There is little to be left on the table in regard to any weaknesses this team has.  From top to bottom, the depth is the best as it has ever been and as long is health is paramount, this team is going to do some serious damage.  We all worry about the World Series hangover which such a quick turnaround from the end of last season but I think that these guys will be fine.

But some important news was broken moments ago in regard to Kyle Tucker, the club’s No. 1 prospect, whereabouts when the season will start.

Jake Kaplan of The Athletic had some intriguing tidbits to share:

I had been wondering if Tucker would start the season at Double-A Corpus Christi and just make the jump to the majors whenever his time would be called.  But it appears the Houston Astros feel he can get some quality time getting settled in with Triple-A ball.

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Those stats are just a representative of how skilled he is at this point of his early career certainly warranting the profuse resemblances to the legendary Ted Williams in the clubhouse this past Spring Training.

Just two days ago, he hit a legendary grand slam at Minute Maid Park — one of many that we’ll see — further cementing his status of being ready to be called up at a moment’s notice.

The franchise does have to play this carefully — and they will — in order to maximize the amount of control they will have over his contract.  As you know, with his service time, he could be ready to go as early as June but the team may wait a bit longer if there’s not a pressing need to call him up.

That’s especially if they’re ho-humming along the schedule by then as well.  Meanwhile, of course, the Houston Astros will be keeping an eye on his Super Two status which is currently set at two years and 123 days of service.

Also take a listen to my favorite pod — Houston Sports Talk — Rob and R.G. get legendary Astros sportscaster Bill Brown to give his take on the upcoming season:

I honestly can’t wait for this guy to be called up but prudent business moves have to be made to which I totally understand.  He’ll be up before we know it but until then, we’ll have to just rely on blurry, low-quality clips of his greatness, hopefully descriptive writing from various periodicals and terrific tweets from the Fresno Grizzlies.  I’ll settle for the appetizer if it means that I’ll get the main course later in the season.  We’ll see.

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Tucker hit .409 along with five homers, 21 ribbies, two stolen bases along with a sterling 1.256 OPS through 44 at-bats this past Spring Training.

Go Astros.