Houston Astros: Top 10 Astros Games of All-Time

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Opening day is among us and our quest to repeat begins. But before we can look into the future, we must look into the past and enjoy the games that made our franchise so special. These are ten games that will forever live in Houston Astros lore.

Alright Houston, let’s get going. It’s time for another Houston Astros season. It’s time for a chance to repeat as World Series champions. But more importantly, it’s time to remember the moments that made us who we are. The Astros have played in many games throughout their history since 1962. Some of these games have been magical and exciting while others have been devastating and heartbreaking.

But of all the games that the Astros were involved in, there were only ten that seemed to define this franchise. These games are a select few that have been placed in the hearts of us for generations in the past and the generations to come in the future. The Astros are the kind of team that will either live or die with the games they played in.

How Do We Determine These Games?

For one thing, they must have special meaning. Regular seasons don’t usually count as a high-impact game unless there’s a playoff spot at stake. Then, the team must perform up to their capable abilities and prove to everyone that they can win at any time and anywhere. There has to be drama and tension. There must be exciting moments in the game. Of course, we must have a result that we can accept regardless of the result.

Our franchise has had it’s fair share of ups and downs like everyone else. But our franchise has managed to fight in every high impact game that they ever played. The results may vary, but the memories and the moments that made you stand up and cheer are there. You may still be in shock by what you just witnessed. But you’re also aware you’re seeing something special. You might never see any of these games again in your life because you lived through them.

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