Houston Texans: QB Brandon Weeden to sign with the team

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22: Brandon Weeden
HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 22: Brandon Weeden /

The Houston Texans are busy at work, filling the holes that have been created by roster vacancies.  One of the more important openings has been the backup quarterback position.  At this moment, that dilemma has been solved with the team set to sign Brandon Weeden.  Let’s take a look further.

The Houston Texans off season challenges have been met quite well with the signings of some key free agents such as Aaron Colvin and Tyrann Mathieu.  But I think it’s the under-the-radar signings of Zach Fulton and Senio Kelemete that’s going to benefit this team even more to help push this offense to the next level.

You know Brian Gaine’s theme for the 2018 off season.  It’s certainly stronger, longer, faster and these guys have been brought in to help this team achieve that feat.  They want to keep the pace high on offense as it was attributed to a lot of our success last season with Deshaun Watson at the helm.

Speaking of that, the Houston Texans have may have signed DW4’s likely backup for the 2018 season.  KRIV FOX 26’s Mark Berman had the scoop on the latest:

Signing Brandon Weeden certainly means two things — the team will be getting a proven veteran and also someone that’s has an immense familiarity of the offense that’s being run under Bill O’Brien‘s tutelage.  Plus he’ll be a cheap signing to the roster.

But is Weeden the presumptive starter?  I can’t say that for sure because the draft is coming up,

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free agency will continue to shake out and the team may somebody that could do the job better than Weeden.

But is it likely?  Probably not — the Houston Texans did work out Lamar Jackson last week but the likelihood that he’d fall to a position where the team could scoop him in up is slim to none.  As you know, the Texans won’t be making any picks until the second day of the draft, when the third-round starts.

In these situations, you someone that can go out and win games for the team in case your No. 1 guy goes down.  Weeden has done that when offered the opportunity.  Lest we not forget that he was the quarterback that help deliver the Texans their first win in Indianapolis back during Week 15 of the 2015 season

Yes, it was Dec. 20th and I was there to witness that moment.  I had long planned to visit Indy and what a treat I had to take back with me.  Sure, the Colts were struggling but I’ll take history being made any way I can get it.

So with all the fluff about Weeden aside, although I think we may be able to do better than this signing, I’m okay with it and had wondered why it hadn’t happened already.  There’s no need for me to wonder now.

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Weeden passed for 1,043 yards along with five touchdowns and two interceptions in 2015, the last time he took a regular-season snap between the Dallas Cowboys and Texans.  He also spent the 2016 season here before being signed by the Tennessee Titans for 2017.

So it’s time to welcome back the Crimson Cannon for however long it may be.

Go Texans.