Houston Texans: Why Colin Kaepernick chose H-Town for his workout

ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 18: Colin Kaepernick
ATLANTA, GA - DECEMBER 18: Colin Kaepernick /

The Houston Texans have yet to sign to a backup quarterback to the roster as the we’re into Day 3 of free agency but a potential candidate, at least in my opinion, was seen working out a private facility on the south-side of Houston.  Yes, Colin Kaepernick was in town but why Houston?  Take a look as to what’s going on.

The Houston Texans have been filling holes in free agency throughout this period of time, inking deals for Aaron Colvin, Zach Fulton, Senio Kelemete and Seantrel Henderson.  They’ve also signed some of their own in Johnathan Joseph, Greg Mancz, Angelo Blackson, Shane Lechler and Brian Peters.

With no other quarterback signed to roster than Deshaun Watson, the backup quarterback position is still open for grabs.  As a matter of fact, Tom Savage recently agreed to a $1.9 million one-year deal with the New Orleans Saints.  I’m not sure if signing a backup is the highest of priorities right now at the moment but it’s an important acquisition.

The person that the franchise picks will have to possess the same qualities as Watson, one who can effectively run this offense and this team doesn’t miss a beat in case something were to happen to him.  It’s likely that he’ll remain relatively healthy because of his age but one always has to have a back up plan just in case.

Colin Kaepernick would be a perfect fit for this system and according to Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports, he still looks quite sharp out on the field:

That was a brief clip that he got to shoot before his staffers shut Robinson down but he did get a better, close-up of Kaepernick in another clip:

The Houston Texans reportedly weren’t aware that he was even in Houston or that this workout was planned.  There were no NFL staff on the premises as Robinson had mentioned.

He still looks quite sharp to me but it apparent that the man has lost some weight since not being

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on a NFL roster for quite some time.  I’m sure that will be gained all back if he ever gets signed to a team but the notion that he’s a capable, headstrong quarterback that would be a quality add to any roster rings true.

As you know, Kaepernick — formerly of the San Francisco 49ers — has been scrutinized heavily because of his protest during the national anthem at the opening of games, when famously took a knee in the 2016 season to bring about the awareness of the plight of people with color suffering racial injustice.  This spark created shock waves across the country with what he had done and got many talking about the point of his protest.

Many feel it’s disrespect to the flag itself and the military whom choose to protect every day but on the other side of the spectrum, many understand the reasoning as to why he’s doing it.  Regardless, it has kept him without a job in the NFL going on two seasons now and it doesn’t appear that’s going to changing any time soon.

So why Houston?

There are obviously better areas of the country to practice with more favorable weather.  It’s hot and humid outside right now and I’d think that somewhere out West would be more conducive to his goals.

But with the recent “inmates running the prison” comment from Bob McNair during the owner’s meetings last season, Kaepernick may be doing to get the conversation flowing once again about his candidacy to be on an NFL roster.

I feel that he should but with fans/sponsors threatening to “pull the plug” on their support of the team if he were to be signed, it has any owners like McNair tip-toeing a fine line because they certainly don’t want to have any effect on their bottom line whatsoever.

UPDATE:  Kaepernick was in Houston to attend Bob McNair’s deposition in his collusion case he filed with the NFLPA

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And that’s why Kaep has yet to be signed.

We’ll have to see but welcome to H-Town Kaep, enjoy your stay.

Go Texans.