Houston Texans: Adrian Peterson wants to join forces with the team

GLENDALE, AZ - OCTOBER 15: Running back Adrian Peterson
GLENDALE, AZ - OCTOBER 15: Running back Adrian Peterson /

The Houston Texans are right at the thick of free agency, nabbing some key players that can help this team immensely but the peculiar thing is that there are guys that actually want to play for the team, still a honorable distinction.  With the latest news, veteran running back Adrian Peterson has expressed his interest in taking his talents back home to Houston.  Let’s take a look.

The Houston Texans have been hard at work trying to build this roster to one of respect and competitiveness.  This included agreeing to deal for free agents in corner back Aaron Colvin and offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson.  I’m positive that there’s more in store and Brian Gaine will certainly be aiming to deliver results that we can all be proud of.

The Houston Texans are going hard after free agents but what about big names actually wanting to sign with them?  It happens quite a bit.  Hell, Robert Griffin III wanted to sign with the team last off season but did it happen?  Nope.  Plus, it looks like he’s having fun with his new wife anyway.

But the interesting but yet not too surprising tidbit is that Adrian Peterson has decided that he wants to be in the fold for the Houston Texans.  Now whether or not that actually happens remains to be seen but the thought of it is extremely intriguing.

The 12-year bruiser was just released from the Arizona Cardinals in which he finished up a season where he was gently used, a far cry from where he dominated the hash marks with the Minnesota Vikings.

Take a look at the quick, exclusive video interview that he provided to TMZ Sports.

He’s from Palestine, Texas — I’ve driven through there in East Texas, nothing much to see — and

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he owns 10,500 square foot mansion in the area as well.  So as far as natural fit it would certainly work for Peterson.

But how about the fit for the team?  Although there’s plenty of rumors that Lamar Miller could be on the move but I honestly think it’s prudent to keep him here.  We also have last season’s third-rounder in D’Onta Foreman to have them run as a tandem.  There’s always Alfred Blue, a 7th-round pick that has exceeded expectations but he’s a free agent this off season.  Blue’s availability will be uncertain although he has said he’d like to return to the team.

The seven-time Pro Bowl, four-time All-Pro and one-time NFL MVP likely wants to give things one last hoorah before he gets ready to head off into the sunset.

To be honest, it’d be great to have him here but I doubt that it’s likely.  He’s no longer a every-down back and he’d be used in a seldom manner here.  I think A.P. still has that burst of acceleration where he’d be a fantastic weapon on third-downs, when the team just needs a slight push to keep those chains moving.

But with visions aside, I think this no more than a pipe dream as we head into the 2018 off season.  But who knows what the Houston Texans brass is thinking?  If they were to sign the likely future Hall-of-Famer, I wouldn’t be opposed to it.  So we’ll see.

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Peterson, 32, rushed 156 times for 529 yards and two touchdowns through 10 games last season with the New Orleans Saints and the Cardinals.  His 3.4 yards per carry last season netted toward career-lows, not even close to the 6.0/carry he had in 2012.

Go Texans.