Houston Rockets: A 15-game win streak fact you didn’t know about

ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 03: James Harden
ATLANTA, GA - NOVEMBER 03: James Harden /

The Houston Rockets were tested mightily last night but they were able to eke out an incredible 123-120 win over the Boston Celtics, their 15th straight after following February with a perfect 12-0 record.  This streak is certainly hitting uncharted territory in many regards but here’s one fact that you need to know about.  Take a look.

Houston Rockets fans — it’s sensational who this team continues to emanate the utmost of resilience despite the challenges that they face.  Winning 15 games in a row is never an easy feat and has the totals rack up as the streak continues, it’s going to get more difficult, game by game.  The team will have a bright red bullseye on their backs and teams will want to end what is ultimately a factor of supremacy in such a competitive league.

To be honest with you, I hope this streak never ends but we all know that there are times where good things have to come to an end.  As long as this team continues to have a semblance of rhythm not only out on the court as well as with each other, I don’t think that here’s anything the Houston Rockets have to worry about moving forward.

But what’s the most interesting stat that has come out of this streak so far?  Here’s some information that ESPN Stats and Info released recently:

I’m sure you all know that the longest streak in Houston Rockets history was back in early 2009 where the team was able to string off 22 wins in a row.  That team was extremely special and had Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming stayed healthy through that season, I don’t see any reason why they would’ve have gone the distance.

But it was a learning experience for the organization and that team certainly overachieved above its potential.  The difference is that the present team has a tremendous amount of depth at every position and they’re specifically built to contend for the championship.

But the most interesting part of that tweet is that they said that Mike D’Antoni is coupled with

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Phil Jackson, Pat Riley, Red Auerbach and Rick Adelman as the coaches to have 15-game win streaks with multiple teams.  Adelman, of course, was at the helm when the team went on the 22-game win streak.

D’Antoni has had tremendous success with the installation of his rapid-fire system and have it work for its biggest star in James Harden.  He’s near career-highs on just about all he’s putting in the stat sheet and it’s just been an environment conducive to winning a bunch of games.

His additions of Jeff Bzedilik and Roy Rogers has proven that although he’s not necessarily and expert on it, he brought the right staff around him to coach defense.  Because for what it’s worth, a team CANNOT and WILL NOT win the chip if this basic attribute is not mastered as a team.  They’ve gone from being in the middle of the pack elevated themselves in the Top 10 in defensive efficiency.

The team is currently tied for 9th in the league — along with the Oklahoma City Thunder — in defensive efficiency, allowing a paltry 104.5 points per 100 possessions.

What’s also important to note is that the Rockets are one of only six teams in NBA history to have multiple 14-game win streaks in one season.

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So let’s hope more winning is in store for our beloved team but the ultimate goal is just to get to the finish line with plenty of health and to also go for the coveted No.1 seed in the conference, ensuring that they get home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

Let’s do this — go Rockets.