Houston Texans: Why team should stick with Tom Savage

BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Tom Savage
BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Tom Savage /

And the you have it Houston Texans fans, another winnable game that’s gone down the toilet because of lackluster quarterback play from Tom Savage.  Even though that was the case, here’s why the team should continue to stick with him.

I’m pretty sure that’s not something you want to hear as Houston Texans fans but this certainly rings true as to why the team must stay the course with Tom Savage.  We’re seeing pick-after-pick, bad throws and him moving around the pocket like molasses but there’s is some lunacy behind what Bill O’Brien is doing.

We’re currently at the crossroads of a 4-7 season with just about no attainable odd to make the playoffs.  With this team in the state that it’s in, would you want to see them in the playoffs?  I asked this question to myself when we won the division in 2015 and ultimately you want to make the most of the situation that you’re in.

The season resets when the postseason starts and all of what happened in the regular season goes out the window.  It becomes high-stakes football and everything has to be laid on the line because there’s absolutely no tomorrow.  Because of that, any given game a team has an opportunity to excel if the things they hold true to themselves remain intact.  That’s why upsets happen, underdogs are made and risky gamblers earn huge dividends.

But since there’s no realistic outcome that would mirror what I’ve talked about in the aforementioned paragraph, O’Brien should keep starting Tom Savage just to STICK IT TO THE FRONT OFFICE.

I’m tired of this — the Houston Texans could’ve done something about this the minute they knew Deshaun Watson went down with his ACL injury.  That was Week 8 and still enough time to bring somebody in here that’s talented enough to win football games.  With as well as Rick Smith performed in the draft, you’d think he’d have a fix for all of this mess but we’re just left with what’s in front of us.

Poor Savage — he didn’t deserve any of this as he’s only using what God gave him and there’s no question in my mind that he’s not trying out there.  But with all of the deficiencies we have on offense, the perfect situation for Savage is when he has a clean pocket.  He can get that at times but not ALL of the time with the offensive line in the fold at this moment.

When the pocket is clean, Tom is actually a solid QB but it’s when the pressure gets to him when his effectiveness diminishes.  Last night, according to Pro Football Focus, he was 16-for-20 for 200 yards with a108.3 passer rating when Tom had the time to operate.  On the other hand, when there was pressure, he was 6-for-17 with those two awful interceptions for a 4.7 passer rating.

Savage faced pressure in 19 of his 39 dropbacks which constitutes close to half — 48.7 percent — of those said instances.

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It has been a difficult road for Savage and I had hoped so much for a success from the day I penned my first post on him back in the spring of 2014 when he was drafted.  I loved his story in regard to him to proving the naysayers wrong and finding a home with University of Pittsburgh after hopping from school to school.

Last night’s four-second press conference pretty much summed up his season in a nutshell where he walked up to podium in a press room with no reporters to ask questions.  He gracefully made his exit earnestly asking “We good?” and walked back to the locker room.  I’m positive he was glad he didn’t have to answer questions because quite frankly, I’m sure he didn’t have answers for all of them.

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But Savage must continue to start and finish this season that way.  We can only hope he’s garnered up enough value to be a backup QB somewhere.  If Kevin Hogan and Nathan Peterman have backup jobs, so can Tom.

We’ll have to see but this is the best solution moving forward.

Go Houston Texans.