Houston Astros: Three reasons why Evan Gattis isn’t going anywhere

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2. Deep Impact

I have written numerous posts on Evan Gattis in my time. That much is clear. This past season, most recently, I did one on how he has been the forgotten man of 2017.

Well, if the reaction to the Quintana signing is any indication, I was right in publishing said piece. The premature reaction of it all is both baffling and insulting. Especially, since he did his job without any complaints. Moreover, El Oso Blanco is a clubhouse and fan presence among other things.

It’s true that Evan Gattis is eligible to hit free agency after next season. It is also true that starting catcher, Brian McCann will have his 2019 option available that same year. In the case of both men, Quintana would likely replace McCann before Gattis, since McCann is very likely to retire soon.

The departure of Jake Rodgers to the Detroit Tigers is the real thing that necessitated signing Quintana. NOT anything having to do with either of our World Champion starters! Lest we forget, if you remove the numbers from last year, Evan Gattis led the club in home run numbers in both 2015 and 2016, while also leading in RBI in 2015.

Call me crazy, but this isn’t a player you can just replace in the drop of a dime!