Houston Astros: It’d be an injustice if Jose Altuve weren’t named AL MVP

HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 06: Jose Altuve
HOUSTON, TX - OCTOBER 06: Jose Altuve /

The Houston Astros have one of the best teams in history to compete for a title and I’d be severe injustice if Jose Altuve is not named the AL’s Most Valuable Player.

I recently started working as a part time retail associate for the Houston Astros and one of the many perks is getting to be in the ballpark during the playoffs. As I stood in the right field store in my uniform helping customers purchase merchandise, I could hear the thunderous chants of M-V-P, M-V-P in perfect unison as Altuve stepped into the batter’s box.

It was the loudest I have heard Minute Maid Park get during a game. Even I caught myself chanting MVP and getting goosebumps. Even the customers would stop and watch the set-top televison located in the store, waiting for Altuve do something special to add to his special season.

What Altuve did during Thursday’s Game 1 of the American League Division Series was further proof to me that he deserves the American League Most Valuable Player award even more. Altuve became the 9th player in Major League history to hit three moonshots in a post-season contest.

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It comes to no surprise that the Red Sox were very careful with Altuve the next game, intentionally walking him twice to prevent him from making even more historical feats during the postseason. It just gave other stars like Correa and Kuechel a chance to shine, which they did.

The reason why Altuve deserves the American League MVP is the astonishing consistency he has displayed over the entire 2017 season. In 590 at-bats, he has hit .346, 81 RBI’s, and hit 24 home runs during the regular season. For you stats geeks, he has placed first in WAR Position players,  offensive WAR, batting average, and Wins Above Replacement. 

The other candidate for the award, New York Yankees outfielder and rookie sensation, Aaron Judge who doesn’t have the same numbers as Altuve. While Judge has been spectacular this season at times, he has not had nearly the consistency as Altuve. During the first part of the season, Judge hit .329, with an 1.139 OPS and 30 homers. However, he struggled during the second half, hitting .182, .

710 OPS, hitting five home runs in August. Meanwhile Altuve hit. 345, had a .865 OPS, and 6 home runs in August.  

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Like most things in today’s society, popularity often wins out over clear proof. While Altuve clearly has been the most consistent and had better numbers than Judge, Judge has one thing going for him and that is he plays for the New York Yankees and not the Houston Astros.

Let’s hope that the voting committee for the uses common sense and not use popularity as a voting point and they give the award to the real MVP of the 2017 season, Jose Altuve.