Houston Astros: Three reasons why you’ll see the toughest October ever

HOUSTON, TX - SEPTEMBER 17: Jose Altuve /
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Houston Astros
HOUSTON, TX – SEPTEMBER 17: Houston Astros second baseman Jose Altuve with pitcher Dallas Keuchel /

The Houston Astros are no strangers to October baseball. But they are also strangers to October heartbreak.

As for the Houston Astros, while previous Octobers have led to failure, this time around will be the hardest one to date.  Postseason baseball can bring out the best in every team that qualifies. But it can also bring out the worst at the wrong time.

Well, here we go again. We’ve talked about it all season long. It has been discussed since the offseason. Carlos Beltran said it in the Player’s Tribune. Even with the addition of Justin Verlander, we knew it was around the corner. And now, we are proud to say October is here.

So after all the previous postseason instances that they’ve played in, one would think we understand what can happen. After all, we’ve experienced losing before. But winning has yet to be conquered.

I think all Houston sports fans might have been planning on asking for things to be given to them.

Well like our slogan, we have to earn it. And that’s just what the Houston Astros will do. They’ll go out there and try to win 11 games in October.

The Elephant in the Room

Okay! So there seems to be an elephant in the room. In order to get rid of the beast, we can either do one of two things. Either the Groucho Marx way.

Or in a less violent way, we talk about it.

What’s the deal man? Why are you walking on eggshells man?

I have to be honest. This is going to be the hardest October of my life. Take work and personal life outside and all I have left are the Houston Astros.

I’ve seen what they have done in previous Octobers and each time, I feel like I went from an elephant that smiles with glee to an elephant that frowns with disappointment. (Skip to 1:44 in the video below to see proof.)

But why this October? Why not last October or the 2005 October?

It’s hard for me to say. But I’ve concluded it for three reasons.

  1. We are one of ten legitimate contenders to win it all that it’s really a toss-up on who’s going to win it all.
  2. The journey to get to the World Series will be by far the hardest that we will ever take this season.
  3. I think we need to have a new approach to how we handle potential heartbreak.

Three is a magic number for my entries lately. But three is all I can afford to put down here. So let’s dive into each conclusion.