Houston Texans: Assessing The Quarterback Shake-Up


As we move through the nuances of the off season, the Houston Texans continue to make changes to ensure that aim for being on the leading edge of having future success moving forward.

There have been many key positions filled such as quarterback — most important — on the ground, as well as the offensive line and on defense.

I honestly can’t until training camp to see all of the new guys and how they fit into the system.

It’s too bad that the HBO’s Hard Knocks can’t ingratiate themselves once again in our homes for another season.

I may sound like a homer but I truly was proud to see my team highlighted this year and the production crew was quite fair with their coverage.

Just think about it.

Who knows where Charles James II would have been if it wasn’t for Hard Knocks?

He likely would’ve still been here but the fact he got picked up so quickly by the Baltimore Ravens goes to show that he’s a bruiser and is willing to do what it takes to be successful.

In his short while here, he has been one of my favorite Texans.

How can you not like his crazy socks mantra?

It works well with his image and I definitely would have to say that he needs to keep rocking them!

Any way, back to the most pivotal position on this team — the QUARTERBACK.

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In all of a matter of weeks, we’ve signed Brock Osweiler to a multi-million dollar deal, re-upped Brandon Weeden for another year and are apparently trying to explore all possible avenues for a trade to get jettison Brian Hoyer out of here.

I personally have nothing against Hoyer but if they were to trot Hoyer back out there this season, it would’ve made mine and many fans blood boil and we would’ve gone from the Bayou City to the Dumpster Fire City!

Oh yes — we Texans fans love our team and I wouldn’t put it past some to go through extreme lengths to show their disdain.

Remember when that fan showed up at Matt Schaub‘s house back in 2013 to let him know how bad he was playing?

Yes, I could definitely see fans doing that to Hoyer, if not already!

I’m not saying that I’d engage in such buffonery — I do have tact — but I’m not saying I could speak for every fan as far as how to express their discomfort.

But the short-lived, Brian Hoyer-era will be over soon with a likely culmination of him being cut.

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He was scheduled to make $4.9 million this year but likely won’t have an opportunity to earn that as teams are waiting for him to be cut so they can pay him less.

If he’s traded, that’s a different story but I don’t see it happening.

His value has plummeted after his performance in the AFC Wild Card Game just this past January.

So with Hoyer gone, who’s left standing?

With the Texans re-signing Weeden, they now have a valuable No. 2 backup QB that knows the system, can hold things together and still have the ability to get you a “W” if your No. 1 goes down.

Weeden deserves that renewal after helping the team take care of business against the Indianapolis Colts, winning up there for the first time in franchise history.

The gravity of such a monumental occasion has catapulted and has sent a whoosh of fresh breath into the 32-year-old’s career a little bit longer.

Futhermore, for all intents and purposes, Osweiler is the No. 1 quarterback.

I know you knew that but I just have to print that above sentence for clarity.

As far as the No. 3 spot, the most prudent thing to do would be to let Tom Savage hold it as he is nearing the back-end of his rookie contract through the end of the 2017 season.

He has shown flashes of brilliance but just can’t healthy enough to stay on the field to let the rest of the football world know.

They can always go to the draft for a QB — Christian Hackenberg? — but I honestly think they can address other alarming needs on the roster with those early picks — particularly the O-Line and defense — to help round it out.

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They’d be better-served in seeing out their $72 million investment in Osweiler.

But who knows what will happen after the draft and come training camp?

We’ll have to see…

Go Texans.