What’s Next In Free Agency For The Texans?

The Houston Texans cannon-balled free agency last week. In a good way.

They made a huge splash just a few days ago by signing away quarterback Brock Osweiler from the Denver Broncos. Over the next half hour, the Texans also agreed to terms with dynamic running back Lamar Miller and offensive linemen Jeff Allen and Tony Bergstrom. Three of those four are guaranteed starters, and the fourth, Bergstrom, will likely start at center week one.

GM Rick Smith and company started the offseason with just around $42 million in cap space. Now, that number is down to just about $10 million. While that seems drastically lower, the Texans still have money to fill a few more holes this offseason.

The Texans can’t spend all $10 million today, because they need extra space for the draft and for injury replacements over the next season. However, the Texans can still cut a few players to free up even more space. Quarterback Brian Hoyer is certainly on the way out, likely via trade, and that should free up over $4 million in cap space. If the Texans find another DT/NT, they can elect to cut Vince Wilfork and save an additional $4 million.

So it’s possible the Texans can have around $18 million in cap space and add a few more free agents to the fold. With the first four signings, the Texans’ needs have changed and they can take off QB, RB and OL from their needs list. The Texans would be wise to add another OL in the draft and I expect them to do so day 2 or early day 3.

At this point, the Texans’ biggest need is a WR opposite DeAndre Hopkins. There’s not a free agent that can fill that need and it’s the most likely position the Texans target at #22 overall in the draft.

With that said, the Texans still need defensive line help opposite J.J. Watt. Jared Crick is a free agent and Wilfork has been unsuccessful in Houston. Adding a pass-rusher and run stuffer are the two most likely additions over the next month. They could also look to add depth at the safety position.

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