Houston Texans: Don’t Cut Kourtnei Brown


The start of the season for the Houston Texans is approaching and the preseason seems to commence at breakneck pace.

We’ve already completed three weeks of preseason play finishing with a 2-1 record.

Although it’s nice that we’re winning these games, I’m more concerned about how we look as a football team, whether the offense looks polished and if the defense is on point.

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And most importantly, how the quarterback play is looking.

There will be many cuts that will take place as the roster gets cut to 53-men after Thursday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys on the road.

The event of how the roster gets pared to 53 is just as intriguing of a narrative as the games these guys play in.

These are real people, doing real things with real emotions.

A lot of talented guys won’t make this team because it’s simply a numbers game, just doing simple math with a lot more subtraction involved than addition.

A good chunk of guys will find new life on the practice squad, many will find opportunities with other teams and some will realize that they just encountered their last real shot of making an NFL roster.

I would imagine it will feel horrible to get cut, especially if one has given it their all and it still wasn’t good enough.

For some, they’d give up and try their hand at a different profession; for others, this just gives them the motivation to work harder at their craft to show that their mettle can be tested.

The latter is the likely scenario for most pro football players attempting to make a team.

But let’s talk about one guy who is on the borderline to make this team.

Who am I talking about?

Linebacker Kourtnei Brown.

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  • I’ve never seen a guy work so hard at his craft, continues to get cut but picks himself up by his bootstraps and tries again.

    Brown, who came out in 2012 undrafted from Clemson U, has been cut seven times by seven different teams and three years later, he’s still working hard to pursue his dream.

    Bar none, the Texans need to keep this guy around because every week, he’s doing something to help his team win.

    Here’s what he’s done against each of the Texans’ three opponents:

    Week 1 Vs. SF:  2.0 sacks

    Week 2 Vs. DEN:  69-yard interception returned for a touchdown

    Week 3 at NO:  Fumble recovery 

    Brown has been a stat machine and is proving his worth in this league.

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    Bill O’Brien has said that he’s definitely in the discussion to make this football team.

    I honestly don’t know what more this guy has to do but with Jadeveon Clowney returning to the field likely in time for the season opener and with Whitney Mercilus having a prominent role on the defense as well, it’s an uphill battle for him.

    Other linebackers that are fighting for a spot are Justin Tuggle, Max Bullough, Lynden Trail, Tony Washington and possibly even Jeff Tarpinian.

    We’ll have to see but Brown definitely gets my vote — industriousness such as his should be rewarded and that needs to be with a roster spot.

    Now the waiting game begins…

    Go Texans.

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