Report: Astros On The Prowl For 2B Chase Utley


It’s happening.

It’s getting closer to the waiver-wire deadline of Aug. 31 and the Astros are certainly a team that’s staying active on the front of making this team better.

It’s clearly obvious that this team needs additional help at the plate as well as the pitching rotation to push them over the top in the middle of highly-contested pennant race.

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Teams tend to place many of their guys on waivers that they feel could be dealt if the price were right.

And the Astros are going digging hoping to find gold among all of the murkiness of the many players that cleared waivers.

The Astros have immersed themselves in vigorous hunt for one guy they feel that can help the team.

Who am I speaking of?

The Philadelphia Phillies second- baseman Chase Utley.

According to Jim Salisbury of CSN Philly, the Astros are in hot pursuit of the long-time vet:

Utley is also being targeted by division-rival Los Angeles Angels, Los Angeles Dodgers, Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, as well as the San Francisco Giants, the defending champs.

With the second-base spot being a lock with Jose Altuve confidently manning the position, there would still be room for him at first base as well as the DH slot.

Both positions have struggled to get any production out of Chris Carter and Evan Gattis. Both have hit .171/.226 respectively since the All-Star break.

He’s certainly a pricey-option as well as he will be making $15 million per season through 2019 with the current contract that he’s working under.

I’m positive that there are prospects out there that the Phillies want but I feel this not a guy that we should unload the farm for.

But I certainly feel that prospects should be in the conversation.

But if the Astros certainly feel that maybe they can “rent” him and convince him stay if his production is sound, then so be it.

Utley could certainly be a spark that the team needs but that’s one heck of a price tag for a player of his caliber.

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It’s a fire-sale out in Philly — they hold a league-worst 46-70 record — and everything must go as the rebuild for the future.

Utley is an intriguing acquisition as he still as he definitely has enough in the tank to help push a team like the Astros over the top.

Utley, 36, has hit .208/.276/.313 with a .588 OPS through 71 games this season.

He’s been struggling to stay healthy this season going off-and-on the injury list nursing a beleaguered ankle.

We’ll have to see how this story develops.

Go ‘Stros!

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