Astros: Cole Hamels Chooses Texas Over Houston

Ex-Philadelphia Phillies SP Cole Hamels has chosen the Texas Rangers over the Houston Astros, according to Bob Nightengale (USA Today).

The Astros and Phillies had been talking for several days and reports indicated the Astros were making a stronger push over the last 24-36 hours. As the day went on, it appeared as if the Astros and Phillies were close enough on a deal that it was up to Cole Hamels himself.

Reports over the last few weeks indicated that Hamels wouldn’t waive his no-trade clause to come to Houston and that didn’t change. The Astros and Hamels had conversations on Wednesday according to Brian McTaggart (, but he chose to not come to Houston, thus ending up with the Texas Rangers.

It’s unclear why Hamels would choose to not come to Houston if given the chance. The Astros are in first place in the AL West following their 6-3 win over the Angels on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the Rangers are eight games back of the Astros and four games back of the second AL Wild Card spot.

Be aware Astros fans; Hamels chose NOT to come to Houston but he didn’t choose specifically to go to Texas. The Rangers were not on his no-trade list that he made earlier this season, so he had no choice once the Phillies and Rangers agreed on a deal. However, you could say Hamels knew it was either Houston or Arlington and he chose to go with the bad boys.

Houston, let’s give him the Carlos Beltran treatment for life!

The MLB Trade Deadline is July 31st.

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