Astros: Go Get David Price Right Now!


We’re almost a week away until doomsday — also known as major league baseball’s trade deadline.

It’s a buyer’s market at this moment for the utmost of talent and for the first time in many seasons, the Astros are expected to be in midst of the slew of happenings that will unfold before the deadline is reached.

You know as well as I and the Astros know that we need another ace for the starting rotation.

Getting that ace should be Priority No. 1 for the club.

But some intriguing news has unfolded as of late…

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According to a report from Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY, the Detroit Tigers are looking to move David Price in order to position themselves for a playoff berth.

Currently, the Tigers are third in the AL Central, hovering at .500 with a 47-47 record.

It’s quite understandable that they’d want to make a move because quite honestly, they’re a talented team that is just struggling at the moment.

It doesn’t help that they’ve battling a myriad of nagging injuries, particularly with top-rotation guy in Justin Verlander.

Yes, the Tigers are doing the equivalent of putting up their luxury, late-model vehicle to downsize to something more practical for the greater good.

For all intents and purposes, they can keep that proverbial car but at what cost and is it going to help them in the long run?

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Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason
Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason /

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  • That car is Price and this uniquely-paired analogy is definitely synonymous with one another.

    Here’s the deal.

    I wanted Price when he was the centerpiece, I even want him on our team more as he seems resistant to the Tigers dealing him elsewhere to places unknown.

    The Chicago Cubs have already expressed interest in signing the veteran ace so the Astros need to get the ball rolling on getting themselves immersed into this!

    And really, can you think of another active pitcher that has as good of mechanics as Price?

    Quite honestly, if you were to look up the word pitcher in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, other than the one we pour our favorite drinks with, you should see a picture of Price.

    That’s the deal and he’s the REAL deal.

    If the Astros sign him, I’d have to start jockeying for position to be the first in line to buy his jersey.

    He has way too many tangibles that outweigh his intangibles so the green light should be on from Astros owner Jim Crane to allow Jeff Luhnow and his staff to do whatever it takes to get this guy.

    I want to see them at least kick the tires, being aggressive and talk with the Tigers as far as what they’d want in exchange.

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    I think as a near lifelong Astros’ fan, it’s something that I’ve not only earned but deserve to hear that the front office of my favorite baseball team is doing their due diligence.

    We can only hope that they are.

    We’ll see — there’s eight days to go before the MLB trade deadline.

    Price, 29, has gone 9-3, earning a 2.32 ERA with 127 strikeouts to credit so far this season with the Tigers, in one of his best seasonal campaigns to date.  He also is a five-time All-Star.

    Go ‘Stros!

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