Houston Astros George Springer: HOH’s Week 11 Silver Star Award Winner


I love my Houston Astros!

Not only because they’re winning but they’re doing it in style!

It makes that seven-game losing streak that the team had a distant memory.

You know what?


Stuff like that needs to be in the rear-view mirror to begin with!

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Since the skid that culminated with the 10-0 win over the Seattle Mariners last Friday, the Astros have been able to reel off six wins out of their last eight!

Quite impressive, huh?

I think so.

No matter what team that you play, any team can win on any given night.

It’s all about a matter who gets hot and if the opposing team can stymie their efforts.

Luckily, we’ve been on the other end of the grand scheme of things, finding ways to win regardless of the challenges that stand in the way.

We were proud witnesses of Felix Hernandez‘s worst — and shortest — start of his professional career — giving up eight earned runs in one inning!

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Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason
Astros appear to be content to let the rest of the league pass them by this offseason /

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  • I was at the game at the Juicebox last Friday and I was just scratching my head trying to figure out how this was happening.

    Guys just kept pounding the ball to places it had never been in ways that continued to drop my jaw.

    It had gotten to a point to where I confidently felt that we had the game in hand very early into the game.

    They ended up winning that series 2-1 with two shutout games with loads of offense with a 10-0 win Friday night and 13-0 win Sunday afternoon!


    Also this week, we witnessed the first inter-league match up of the season against the Colorado Rockies, a familiar foe back in our NL days.

    It was kind of a weird schedule — two games at Minute Maid Park and the remaining two at Coors Field.

    Despite the struggles the team faced early-in the game against the Rockies on the road, they found a way to win.

    You see, Coors Field is a hitter’s ballpark and fortunes can change quicker than a progressive payout slot machine at a casino.

    It’s just good to know that things continued to work in the Astros favor.

    But there was one guy who remained strong, steady and always willing to make a play to help the team win.

    Because of this, excellence deserves to be recognized — today on that type of basis continuously, we will honor an individual player that made the most impact in helping the team, despite whether it resulted in a win or a loss.

    We’ve dubbed it House of Houston Silver Star Award

    And this week’s Silver Star Award goes to…

    George Springer!

    This is the first occasion this season where an Astros player has won this award back-to-back.

    But there’s no question he is the man of the hour at the moment.

    I talked about last week in regard to him heating up, I think he still isn’t done.

    He not only found but has definitely got his groove back and it goes to show that he’s the real deal!

    One of my most anticipated call-ups for quite some time, he going to show that he’ll be a part of the Astros for a multitude of seasons to come.

    And you know what?

    I have the distinct feeling that he’ll be a part of the Astros first World Series-winning team.

    It also doesn’t make the piece that Sports Illustrated’s Ben Reiter wrote last year declaring the Astros 2017 World Champs not too far-fetched!

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    Our trip to the Big Show could be sooner than you think…

    For the record, Springer batted .433 with 13 hits, three homers, five ribbies, one double through 30 at-bats in seven games.  His OPS remains at a luxurious 1.235!

    There’s no question that he is a key ingredient to the Astros success at the moment.

    I just hope that he continues the tear that he’s on…

    Trust me, the Astros will benefit from it.

    Go ‘Stros!

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