Daryl Morey Admits It Was A Rough Weekend, Plus Much More In Latest Interview


Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey spoke to Adam Clanton and Raheel Ramzanali on SportsTalk790 and admitted that this past weekend was a tough weekend but says the Rockets are still well positioned and they are only going to get better.

What else did he have to say? Here are some nuggets.

  • Morey basically admitted that it looked “extremely likely” that Chris Bosh was headed to the Rockets. At the time, the Rockets had the offer for Jeremy Lin on the table, and the Lakers needed an answer right away since they had other deals they wanted to make so the Rockets decided to take it, even though they didn’t have a 100 percent commitment from Bosh.
  • Morey went on to say the Rockets all but had Bosh until the Heat put all five years and offered him a complete max deal.
  • You need three stars to win in the NBA.
  • Still have a top four team in the Western Conference, even without Parsons.
  • More likely to add a third star via a trade more than free agency. “We’re going to keep swinging.”
  • Felt that turning down Parsons’ offer sheet gave the Rockets a better chance at winning a championship than keeping the core of James Harden, Dwight Howard, and Parsons.
  • Very happy for Parsons. Worked really hard for it, deserves it. Great person and player.
  • “The contract Parsons got – and the Mavericks are a smart organization, they obviously wanted to get him – that structure like that, is literally one of the most untradeable structures I’ve ever seen.”
  • Harden/Howard/Parsons HAD to be the core for the next few years if they matched Parsons. Felt that Harden/Howard/Ariza + “100 other potential moves” was a better option for the future.
  • Rockets believe in Ariza. Last time was unfortunate once they had to break up the Yao Ming/Tracy McGrady core. They always liked him.
  • Ariza is a perfect fit next to Harden with his perimeter defense and shooting, calling Ariza an “elite” defender.
  • Really thought Bosh/Parsons thing was going to happen and would have been favorites for NBA title.
  • “We always play out every scenario…always talk to every free agent.”
  • Says “by the time we get to the playoffs next season, we will be a better team than we were last season.”
  • Have TPE and guaranteed lottery pick, MLE, other exceptions to make more moves.
  • “If you want to win the title, you have to find the Chandler Parsons, not be the team that pays Chandler Parsons the max contracts.”
  • The Spurs have found the Chandler Parsons and have continually found other guys to put around them. They aren’t the team that chases big time numbers guys.

I encourage all Rockets fans to listen to the full interview.

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Morey did what many other GM’s wouldn’t do and explained his reasoning to the public. He’s one of the most open GM’s in the NBA and admitted that the team swung for the fences but missed on his plan A this offseason.

I think any NBA fan would take a GM like Morey who stays aggressive at all times and has plan A-Z lined up whenever needed.

It was not the weekend Morey and the Rockets were expecting, but you can bet they will rebound and continue to build the Rockets into a championship contender.

Click here to listen to the full interview on SportsTalk790.

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