Johnny Manziel: Ron Jaworski = Trent Dilfer


Suzy Kolber: Hey, fellas!
Ron Jaworski: Well, well, well, if it isn’t my neighbor.
Suzy Kolber: Mr. Jaworski, how’ve you– Damn! Would you feel that iron grip handshake. Like Burt Reynolds and [expletive]. So, what’s goin’ on here?
Ron Jaworski: Oh, well, Trent Dilfer and I were just discussing a few of his lesser points.
Suzy Kolber: Of which he does have many. Hey, look at that ring. What is that?
Ron Jaworski: That is um… My NFC Championship ring. NFC Champs, ’80.
Suzy Kolber: Wait.. so you, never won a Super Bowl?

My Ron Jaworski/Suzy Kolber rendition of the movie Mallrats [Brodie meets Mr. Svening]

***Note: I am not an Aggie. I don’t think that Manziel is the best thing that has ever walked the face of this earth. I’m NOT an Aggie. Also, I don’t think that Russell Wilson is a Top 5 Quarterback in the NFL. With that said, you may continue.***

Yesterday’s top two headlines on SportsCenter were, “LeBron James wears a mask”, and “Ron Jaworski thinks that Johnny Manziel is a 3rd Round Pick”. Why is LeBron wearing a mask a big deal? Can someone please explain this to me?

Fishing for stories isn’t hard when you’re ESPN. They’re the ones that have set the standard on how to report sports news. They set the standard long before Jaworski or Dilfer ever signed with the network. At some point the decided, to make things a story, rather than reporting real stories.

I respect what Jaworski has done throughout his career as a player, and as an analyst. I can’t say the same for Dilfer. More on Dilfer in a moment.

Jaworski played Quarterback in an era where passing the ball wasn’t as utilized as much as, it is now. The very thought of running out of the pocket was a big no-no. In fact, according to Jaws, the sheer thought of a quarterback running out of the pocket, to make a play should drop them down to a 3rd round pick in the NFL draft in today’s NFL.

Cue Johnny Manziel and Russell Wilson. Back in 2012 Jaworski said this about Wilson:

"When I look at the tape, it is clear to me that Wilson must move in order to see his targets downfield. He can be effective when he gets his passing lanes, but as soon as he has to move, it disrupts the timing and rhythm of the offense — the cornerstones of the NFL game. We will see a few big plays from him and he definitely has a live arm, but I just think his size will always hurt him.”"

Compare that to what he recently said about Manziel:

"I think you have to play the game in the pocket with consistency. The NFL game is about the pre-snap phase of the game, getting in the proper protection, then, when you drop back, reading coverage properly, getting the ball out of your hand early in time with your receiver so when they turn, that ball is there. And it is ball security in the pocket, taking care of the football. It’s mechanics in the pocket: your throwing slot is consistent."

Jaws continues:

"I can’t advise Bill O’Brien who to take, but I’m certain Bill O’Brien knows what he wants his quarterback to look like. And I actually think they have a quarterback on their roster in Matt Schaub that is the kind of quarterback that Bill O’Brien likes. I think he’s going to say, ‘Hmmm. I like this Schaub guy. He reminds me a little bit of Tom Brady in size and stature,’ maybe not the outstanding consistency of Tom Brady, but you have an experienced, veteran quarterback, you surround him with the right people, I think Matt Schaub can still play a very solid game in the NFL.”"

Cue my brain filled with [expletive]. The comparison between Wilson and Manziel are pretty much the same. They have to move around in the pocket to make plays. Their height is an issue, he runs, the passing lanes, blah blah blah… same story different day. But seriously Jaws, who knighted you “King of the effing Quarterbacks”. I’d bet money on Jaws does not even remembering what he said about Wilson.

I’m not saying that Manziel will ever win a Super Bowl like Russell Wilson did. Hell, Manziel might not even pan out. Calling him a 3rd round draft pick is absurd. Has Jaws even seen this draft class when it comes to quarterbacks. Are there seven quarterbacks that should be taken over Manziel? Because there are definitely going to be at least six taken between the first and the second round.

For someone who has played, lives, and breathes the NFL, Jaws sounds pretty ignorant. He’s stuck in his ways and that’s fine. But not accepting how the game has changed over the years, is silly. A quarterback that moves out of the pocket is okay, it happens. Blabbing nonsense on the air, just to get attention, and even going as far as making a Matt Schaub/Tom Brady comparison, makes him no better than Trent Dilfer. Has Jaws made the leap to “Trent Dilfer word vomit”? I think he has…

Congrats Jaws, you’ve just become Trent Dilfer. Trent Dilfer, the no-talent-nothing, that believes his opinion on quarterbacks really matters. Dilfer just showed up to the Ravens camp one day and they said to him, “Can you hand off this football here, to that large fella, standing right there? Oh and don’t use that brain of yours too much. We don’t want you going out there hurting yourself.” My opinion on quarterbacks carries the same weight as Dilfer’s. In fact, if you’re reading this, your opinion is probably just as validated.

ESPN fills their chairs over their with faces, not intelligence. I once heard Ray Lewis turn into a conspiracy theorist on air. For being the leader in sports, they sure are doing their part in filling up our society with ignorance.

I understand that not everyone is going to agree with an opinion, but making far-fetched claims shouldn’t be acceptable.

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