Houston Texans: It’s time to pump the brakes on David Johnson

Houston Texans running back David Johnson (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)
Houston Texans running back David Johnson (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans running back David Johnson is set to get started with his new team and the intel looks good so far. But let’s pump the brakes for later.

It’s training camp time Houston Texans‘ fans and even though things are a bit different in a drastically-changed world while we’re dealing with a pandemic, the show must go on.

The NFL is trying to ensure its status as a ratings-gobbler, never-cancelled and undefeated status streak will likely continue through the 2020 season.  The main difference?  There will be no fans in the stadiums for likely the foreseeable future until this pandemic gets under control.  When will that happen remains to be seen but the closest we’re going to be able to get to favorite sports heroes is going to be afar on television.

It’s great to see sports get going again but it must not distract from the racial injustices that continue to remain rampant in our country.  The protests and the messages remain clear that a dialogue needs to continue on how to mend something that has not sought the attention of many before the world went on pause.

The NBA and MLB and driving that importance home and I would expect that the NFL do the same as well, to which I’m sure that they will.

Moreover, with the Houston Texans in action once again, this a new beginning of life without DeAndre Hopkins, who was traded for running back David Johnson back this Spring.  I didn’t think I could fathom this without him on board but it’s going to be a reality if we like it or not.

Johnson has a ton of pressure on him because he not only has to perform exceptionally just to

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prove he can get through a season without being sidelined for a large period of time but to make the case that he was worth trading for what likely be a sure-fire Hall-of-Fame wide receiver.

It’s not necessarily his fault that he’s in this predicament but as with the great pro athletes do, they’re going to show the utmost of resilience with a chip on their shoulder to prove the naysayers wrong.

Johnson has looked great in camp with the latest recent report but don’t let that fool you.  Let’s wait until next month when he faces competition outside of his teammates to see how strongly his mettle can be tested.

Can Johnson live up to the hype?  We’re about to find out because if this doesn’t work, the fingers will start to point at general manager Bill O’Brien for this mishap and he could be a casualty as a result of making such a controversial trade.

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Believe me, I’m rooting for this guy to succeed because that’s going to be better for the Houston Texans but there’s a lot that can go wrong so let’s hope we don’t get there.

Optimism must remain at its highest — let’s go Houston Texans!