Houston Texans: Five questions fans desperately want answered

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Question #3 – How much will Brandin Cooks and Randall Cobb be a factor?

Make no mistake, Brandin Cooks has experience. He’s been to the big games. He’s played with the best quarterbacks. On a team with four wide receivers that aren’t necessarily guys you would put on Hopkins’ level, Cooks might be the guy that could be the primary weapon. So what the Houston Texans are getting is a player that knows how to win in the playoffs and believe me, this teams needs to know how to win in the playoffs.

So what’s wrong with the guy? Well, like David Johnson, injuries are a concern, particularly concussions. There are at least five known concussions that Cooks is aware of, including two in a span of twenty-five days. Obviously, the Texans are taking a huge risk on him knowing that the next time he has a concussion might be one of the last times he’s in an NFL uniform.

Yet, if Cooks plays like he has been, then folks, we might be looking at the newest Greatest Show on Turf 2.0. Cooks is one of four players to have four 1,000-yard seasons before the age of 26 and he’s now 27.

His journey has been eventful. He was drafted by the Saints where he spent a few seasons playing with one Drew Brees. Then, he signed a one-year deal to join Tom Brady and the Patriots, who went to the Super Bowl only to lose to the Eagles. In the offseason, he joined the Rams and would have the best postseason of his life to date. When the Rams reached the Super Bowl, controversially I might add, he would catch eight passes for 120 yards. Yet, he was the only offense as the Rams lost 13-3 to the Patriots. Cooks is 0-2 in Super Bowls and he would like nothing more than to win the Lombardi Trophy as well.

It isn’t just with Cooks here. But Randall Cobb as well. Here was a player that was one of Aaron Rodger’s weapons in Green Bay for eight seasons and looked to be among the best wideouts in the game. 2014 was his best season as that would be the only 1000-yard year he would have to date. Yet, he too would have his fair share of injuries, which have limited his chances of being great.

So now, he joins the Texans after realizing his one-year stint in Dallas was all for naught and he has a three-year deal in place. This is a player that can also help Watson get to the top as Cobb was one game short of going to the Super Bowl on a few occasions. At 29, Cobb might not be asked to be the top receiver, but be willing to step up and help the team win as he has said.

The Texans are getting experience and that’s what they need. Yet, with experience comes a price that could lead to a lottery win or a bankruptcy and starting over. The Texans are gambling the future of this era and one will want to know if it will lead to success.