Houston Texans: Five questions fans desperately want answered

Houston Texans fans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Texans fans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans
Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans will be starting up their 2020 campaign in about a month and there are questions of what lurks ahead. Here are the five most important.

The Houston Texans get ever so closer to beginning their 2020 season. With much to prove and doubters hitting the head waves, Texans’ fans are eager to see their team on the field whether at home or potentially at the stadium. Yet, as exciting as fans should be, there are five questions they want to have answered.

Houston Texans fans, we’re getting closer to Sept. 10, 2020. That is the day the NFL season will begin. That is the day the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs will be having their ceremony unveiling the banner of a Super Bowl run. And that is the day the Chiefs will be hosting the Houston Texans, a team they beat in the playoffs in a thrilling come from behind win. On paper, it should be a perfect way to celebrate the season. Remember the run from last year, then go out and be 1-0 after beating the Texans.


You’re absolutely right. For all rabid, Texans’ fans, it should be the day the Texans get revenge on the Chiefs and began a run to shut all the doubters up. A day fans waited for since the season ended. An opportunity to show the fans that all the mess and controversy of this past offseason was only the beginning of a team destined for greatness. A chance for players to shine in the midst of skeptics and a chance for a fanbase to have some swagger after years of torment for bad playoff losses.

Fans, I’m not going to lie. As great as the Rockets are playing, and I hope they continue the success, and as tough as the Astros are struggling with the injuries in a season that should and probably will be cut short unless things turn around for the team, I truly believe more titles will come. I’m going to go on a limb and say in the next two to three decades, we’re going to win another title or more. No guarantees, but we can’t be in a dry spell for that long. The Houston Dash deserve a lot of credit for winning their title. So that’s only the first step.

However, while the Astros and Rockets will get their titles in the future, hopefully right and clean, there’s only one thing that’s making me eager more so than the other and that’s the Houston Texans.

Probably for the first time since 2013 do I have the eagerness and hope of seeing the Texans succeed. I’m getting the urge to get the season started. Let’s go! Get the show on the road. I want to see Deshaun Watson escape sacks and make the big plays. I want to see J.J. Watt deliver sacks. I want to see our receivers stand out and be an explosive offense. I want to see Justin Reid intercept passes and do all that.

Ironically, in 2013 when I felt that eagerness, the Texans were a Super Bowl contender that bombed after starting 2-0. This season, the Texans aren’t a Super Bowl contender in the eyes of the masses. How can the Texans trade their best wide receiver and get little in return? Who did they get? Guys that were hurt? Risky move, but not going to be enough. Nowhere on the same level as the Chiefs, Ravens, or Patriots. The Colts and Titans just got better while the Texans just go worse.

The offseason has seen its fair share of critics, yet the feeling among the Texans team is confidence. The offense is expected to be lethal. Watson will be a better quarterback without DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans are planning on signing him for the long run.

We as fans have a reason to feel the optimism, but I think the reason we feel this way for this year is because we want answers to the questions we need to have. There are five questions entering the season that we really want to know.