Houston Astros, Rockets, Texans: State of Houston Sports amid COVID-19

Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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Houston Astros: A nightmare with no time

Houston Astros’ faithful — it pains me to write this because I’m still not happy with all that transpired. To have a monumental moment in a franchise be given a taste of bitterness because of a pure case of misjudgment, which will be a while before we can forgive and move on. It still frustrates me to the point where I might be making my next appearance to Minute Maid Park at a game where the team can clinch another World Series. I hope that is sooner rather than later because I’m am angry and frustrated that they added another taint to Houston’s titles. As much as I hate it and it shouldn’t be the case, it only makes me want another one badly.

But all the while, they and the rest of baseball had to deal with terrible negotiations in trying to get a season started. Possible ideas went from 80 games to 70 games. However, the frustrations for the fans who wanted the season continue to tack on. Commissioner Rob Manfred has been in the headlines for mishandling the negotiations. To say there will be a season only to say a day later there might not be, demonstrates a side to him that makes him as vilified for nearly all of baseball. Then, the Yankees being accused of cheating as well, which has been mentioned in a letter that has yet to be unveiled and might not be revealed since the Yankees don’t want to hurt their image.

With a new 60-game season inset, the Houston Astros are in the worst possible position. Sure, they have a great team that can and is expected to contend for another title. Yet 60 games don’t fully entail how the season plays out. Teams that might be average could get hot and it could lead to them making a playoff run. There should be no asterisk for whoever wins the 2020 World Series, which I hope that’s us, but this doesn’t feel like a regular season. The last time a situation like this happened was back in 1981 when teams played a first half and a second-half due to the strike.1995 started in May and lasted over 100 games.

To make things more complicated, the Houston Astros are dealing with potential losses in free agency after the season. George Springer and Michael Brantley might both be gone after the season while the Houston Astros will have another year in which they will have no first-round pick. Then, you have Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke. Two Houston Astros that are future Hall-of-Famers, but are entering the twilight of their careers. They will be the aces, but minus a former ace who now is wearing pinstripes.

For 29 teams, they’re happy to be back playing baseball and look to make the most of it. But for the 30th team, they are in the spotlight. You not only add in games against the division foes, but also add in the NL West, which includes the team hungry to beat us badly and make us pay. I don’t like how some of their players complained about violence because that makes them look stupid, but I don’t blame their frustration.

I’m not sure how this situation helps the team when you can say the same for 29 others, but I know for sure of this. If the Houston Astros want to save their legacy, they need to win it all again even if the season is shorter than most. The pressure they face is enduring whatever comes to them, which could take years to wipe away. It won’t change the result of the past, but for a team that came eight outs away from a second title last year and have had to endure being kicked on the ground, the Houston Astros have to play angry while wearing the black hat. Maybe they can have the Undertaker help them out.