Texans: Five reasons why there could be a Deshaun Watson standoff

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson and head coach Bill O’Brien (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

Reason #5: Things won’t turn out well

Believe me, the last thing I want to hear is that there’s a feud between Watson and O’Brien. It will break me because I see no way in that ending well.

For fans like us, choosing between them is like choosing between a dollar or a million dollars. It is obvious that the majority of the Texans’ fanbase, like myself, would choose Watson over O’Brien. Most of the fanbase is done with O’Brien’s poor treatment with certain situations along with his thirst for power. To top it off, most of the fanbase believes that Watson is the ultimate key to bringing a super-bowl trophy for the city of Houston. For us fans, Watson is the clear cut choice.

Unfortunately, it is clear that the Houston Texans feel differently. After trading Clowney and Hopkins for nowhere near their worth, it is shocking to see Bill O’Brien still not only still employed with the Texans but to also have as much power as he desires.

It signals one thing, and it’s that O’Brien won’t be fired in the near future unless the team fails to perform according to expectations. He can continue to make all the trash trades he desires and nobody will say a word. He will remain here as long as this team doesn’t fall in a dumpster fire with Watson playing all 17 games. Yes, 17 games.

Assuming that the Texans do choose Bill O’Brien and let him handle the Watson situation in whatever way he desires, Watson probably wouldn’t be in a Texans uniform much longer.

I don’t know about you guys, but for me, letting Watson go or trading him would be the last straw for myself. The Hopkins trade was my last straw for supporting O’Brien, but letting Watson walk or get traded would essentially break my hope for this team. I would straight up give up on the Texans and stopped paying for anything related to them if that happened for two reasons.

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Reason 1 would be that by trading or letting Watson go, it would show that this team won’t win a super bowl with O’Brien.

Never. I typed it on my last published piece and I will type it again.

By letting Watson go, or trading, it would be clear to me that this Houston Texans team led by O’Brien would be unable to keep top talent in Houston because he wouldn’t want to give huge dollar signs to anybody nor would he want to put up with ego. Keeping top talent is how a team wins, therefore, by not keeping top talent, then theoretically, the Houston Texans would not be able to win.

No team can stay in contention for a long period of time with high-quality talent coming in and leaving for a moldy sandwich in return. I wouldn’t want to give money to a franchise by buying a jersey or going to a game when that franchise refuses to keep a franchise quarterback. You can trade a defensive end/linebacker or even a wide receiver when the timing makes sense and manage to recover EVENTUALLY. The amount of time of recovery for the Hopkins trade, however, will probably take much longer.

However, a franchise just can’t simply not resign a franchise QB or trade him off for trash when

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they are in their 20s, especially when they are proven because they think that he is replaceable.

Players like Watson don’t come around often. This team already gave up generational talent earlier in this offseason. Let’s not do it again in the same offseason.

Reason 2 would be that it would be time for the fans to send a message. The Houston Texans revenue has been increasing every year, so it’s clear that profit matters. If fans essentially decided to boycott, then the Houston Texans would finally have to listen to the fans when they realize that their revenue takes a huge hit.

Then MAYBE changes would be made. I have no guarantee on it, but it would certainly send a message. Would fans actually boycott? Probably not. But I would because I wouldn’t want to waste hard-earned money on a team that wouldn’t want to win, and I’m sure neither would you guys.