Texans: Five reasons why there could be a Deshaun Watson standoff

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Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Texans are showing a lack of direction. After trading their best receiver for a moldy sandwich, here’s five reasons why a standoff could be imminent.

If you’re a die-hard Houston Texans fan, you are probably very concerned about the direction of this football franchise. There is a lack of a clear direction currently in the Houston Texans’ front office and anything can happen at any given moment. Not only did the offense lose their top weapon, but also the defense has not been improved at all this offseason. At least from my perspective.

It’s frustrating to see what’s unfolding in front of our eyes. The breaking apart of a team. The Texans’ front office degraded the morale of the locker room by trading the best receiver in the game, and to top it off, they were unable to fix the weaknesses that showed outright on the defensive side of the football.

No matter how much I disagreed with O’Brien on many moves and calls, the one thing I could agree with him on is that the Houston Texans’ locker room was full of great guys who love each other and work hard.

I am not sure if players will be happy at the moment after the disappearance of Hopkins.

It’s true. I’m grading the Texans an F- for the offseason already, lower if possible, as this team improved in no aspect whatsoever. At least in my perspective.

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