Houston Astros: Why the team needs an LGBTQ promotion night

Houston Astros' fans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Houston Astros' fans (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /

In need of as much positive attention that the team can afford, the time has come for the Houston Astros to embrace an LGBTQ night.

The fallout from the cheating scandal has left the Houston Astros scrambling for damage control. One way they can help change their overall perception is that the organization should now embrace the idea of an LGBTQ Pride at the Park night.

I know many of you fans reading this will be quick with the torches and pitchforks, saying things to the effect of “politics should stay out of sports!” and “who cares what people do in the privacy of their own homes?” However, there is so much more to it than that. It all comes down to heritage.

The Houston Astros are one of only two teams in 2019 that had no kind of promotion to welcome in the LGBTQ community. The Texas Rangers were the other one. No surprise, both of the MLB teams based in the state of Texas declined any sort of LGBTQ promotion.

This greatly needs to change. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Diversity on the Diamond

According to one of many studies and claims, Houston has the largest LGBTQ community in the entire state of Texas. It also has one of the largest in the entire southern United States. That’s a lot of folks that are potentially sports fans and, by extension, Houston Astros fans.

Because of this, the organization would make a financial killing with some kind of promotion for this sect of the population. After all, businesses that cater to any minority community, the LGBTQ one included, tend to see much better profits and success overall. That’s because it shows compassion for the heritages of those not to be considered in the societal majority.

Not to mention, doing this would show that the team does care about the fan base overall as to be more inclusive in its giveaways.

2. Ditching the Double Standard

Another reason the team could stand to have some kind of LGBTQ night would be to avoid favoring certain groups over others. The prime example of this would be when the organization hosts its annual Faith and Family Night.

Bear in mind that I am in no way suggesting that this particular night be done away with. Far from

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it, as this night is an important one for so many fans. The state of Texas is still very much a conservative one, especially when it comes to faith and religion.

Nevertheless, as a proud openly gay man myself, I am suggesting that the literal and figurative playing field be leveled to include as many different groups as possible. Variety is the spice of life, and even the sports world is beginning to become more inclusive in the 21st century. Rightfully so, as the disenfranchised stand up to become both more visible and audible.

Also, let’s be honest, shouldn’t we prove ourselves to be more in tune with the changing world than the Texas Rangers?

And, by extension, making us a much better ball club that we know the Houston Astros to be? I happen to think we can and should, which will bring some much needed positive press to the team and organization that they can use all of at this point.

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