Houston Astros: Jim Crane should promote Espada to manager for 2020

Houston Astros interim manager Joe Espada (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Houston Astros interim manager Joe Espada (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

Houston Astros owner Jim Crane is deadset on having a new manager in place quickly. Joe Espada is the answer staring him in the face. Why hold interviews?

The Houston Astros are doing their utmost to move on from the stigma of sign-stealing scandal that has rocked the baseball world.  It has been five days but with each one that passes something new has surfaced causing greater harm than good.

From those who are questioning the legitimacy of their 2017 World Series Championship to those alleging that Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman wore “buzzers” under their jersey to alert them of specific pitches, there hasn’t been a dull day without something for us fans to read about how far this scandal reaches.

Commissioner Rob Manfred’s investigation did not necessarily absolve Altuve and Bregman from their alleged acts but he couldn’t find any evidence of wrongdoing with such a thing.

Baseball fans are going to want to know as to why Altuve wouldn’t let his teammates rip his jersey off after his legendary walk-off homer in Game 6 of the ALCS against the New York Yankees.  He has continued to reiterate that his decision was out of respect for his wife but those questions will remain for as long as this remains a hot topic.

So far, the shock wave of scandal has taken away the jobs of three managers in AJ Hinch, Alex Cora and Carlos Beltran who were all on the bench during the seasons where the sign-stealing system had occurred.

It’s even led to retirees digging up dirt among each other with Jack McDowell alleging that Tony La Russa had a sophisticated sign-stealing system with the Chicago White Sox some four decades ago.

It’s incredible how much has been divulged over this week and I don’t think we’re done with what yet has to be reported.

Nonetheless, the Houston Astros must continue with business as usual amid them being in a public relations crisis as well as their brand being under attack.

The organization will weather the storm just fine but it’s a matter of those individual careers that were affected by this that caused irreparable harm and may never be the same again.  That’s especially tough to hear for both Hinch and Jeff Luhnow, who both worked well together to mold this franchise into a contender.

It’s tough to tell when those guys, as well as Cora and Beltran, will be able to work in the pros again.  I suspect that they will all someday of which I think Jeff will take a job with another major league team shortly after his suspension in a low-profile, advisory role in name only but will be pulling all the strings from behind the stage.  Out of all of the guys that have been penalized, Luhnow’s recovery will likely be the quickest.

One of the most important moves for Houston Astros‘ owner Jim Crane to make was to part ways with Hinch and Luhnow.  He had to stop the bleeding somehow and although it hurts, this is a business and sometimes those tough decisions have to be made.

But what I don’t agree with is the rush to have a permanent manager in place for 2020.

Joe Espada, who has served as the team’s bench coach for the past two seasons, is extremely deserving of a shot at the role full-time.  He should be allowed all of 2020 to earn it but it seems he will be getting in line to interview with everybody else.

So far, the Houston Astros have conducted interviews with Buck Showalter, John Gibbons and will be meeting with Dusty Baker next week.

You know what?  None of those names excite me and the only name that really did was Chicago

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Cubs’ third-base coach Will Venable.  He’s EXACTLY what the Houston Astros could use as a manager to continue this culture of winning but certainly in the right way.

Venable has reportedly taken his name out of the running and will stay with the Cubs.

The Houston Astros don’t need a “Mr. Strickland — principal of Hill Valley High School” type but a fresh face that is able to relate to today’s players.

Yes, I’m honing my Back to the Future knowledge skills here…

Espada is that guy and should be the person to guide the Houston Astros out the mess that they’re mired in right now.

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He simply is the best man for the job.

Come on Houston Astros — let’s just stop these faux-like, saving-face interviews and bring Joe in!