Houston Texans: Carlos Hyde has expressed interest in returning to team

Houston Texans running back Carlos Hyde (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Houston Texans running back Carlos Hyde (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans running back Carlos Hyde has expressed interest in returning to the team next season. Is it possible that they can come to terms? Let’s look.

Houston Texans fans — it’s playoff time and it will be a long road ahead for this team to make a dent in being successful during the postseason.  They have a date with a Buffalo Bills this Saturday, matinee-style with a 3:35 p.m. CST kickoff.

The Bills are a dangerous team and they’re just about even on both sides of the football with bright, shining stars that illuminate from those said ends.  They’re going to give the Houston Texans everything that they can handle so it’s up to this team to stand up to the mettle that they will be tested by.

There has been little success in the Bill O’Brien era over these past six seasons.  The lone playoff win was back in the 2015 season where they were going up against a banged-up Oakland Raiders team without Derek Carr, only to get pulverized against the New England Patriots the following week in the divisional game.

If the Houston Texans get at least TWO playoff wins, I’ll certainly be satisfied with this season as I know how tough it is to get the Super Bowl, with all of the talent we’re seeing in the NFL.

Any other wins beyond the first two rounds are the icing on the cake and the Houston Texans will be playing with house money.

That sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

There’s no question the Houston Texans wouldn’t be where they are today without the heroics of Carlos Hyde.

Hyde, 29, who was swapped with under-performing prospect Martinas Rankin at the beginning of the season has been nothing but a boon to the Houston Texans‘ offense.

This team hasn’t had a dominant, strong rusher that bulldozes his way through defenses like Hyde has done this season.

Hyde has also hit the century mark in rushing for the first time in his career and that was done just

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a few weeks ago, with plenty of time left in the season.  That goes to show how well he fits in this offense and how determined he was to make a good impression.

Hyde has publicly expressed interest in returning back to the Houston Texans and it would be nice to see him back in uniform.

But who knows?  The team may want to go to the draft to develop another running back and keep Duke Johnson in the fold, who’s on a team-friendly deal — averaging $4.1 million per year — through the 2021 season.  Johnson made $1.8 million this season.

But obviously, it’d be best to bring Hyde back for more because he worked quite well with Duke this year and the offensive play calls were able to be effective without each stepping on each other’s toes.

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We’ll have to see what the Houston Texans decide to do with him…

Hyde rushed for 1,070 yards off 245 carries — 4.4 yards per attempt — and six touchdowns through all 16 games — 14 starts — this season.