Houston Rockets: Eric Gordon is closing in on a imminent return

Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)
Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon (Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images) /

Houston Rockets guard Eric Gordon is closing in an imminent return after being out for over a month from knee surgery. What’s the latest in regard to EG?

The Houston Rockets failed miserably to close out a game that was right in front of them to take over and win.  They were facing the then 7-24 Golden State Warriors where wins have been hard to come by this season with stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson missing time because of injuries.

The game was hand-wrapped for them to take advantage of but they kept continuing to give the Warriors a chance of making a final strike and they certainly did in those final minutes of the game to where their three-point shooting had some reminiscence of what we’ve seen over the past decade with this team and the Houston Rockets were powerless to stop it.

The Houston Rockets 4th-quarter defense was absolutely horrendous and the Warriors were able to get a lot of open looks down the stretch.

They doubled-down on James Harden and dared the rest of the team to take over the game and it certainly didn’t happen.  Russell Westbrook stayed parked at the three-point line and didn’t drive to the bucket as he usually has which left their attempts futile in the final quarter to get something that was so simple against a team that’s down — which would be a WIN.

But I’ll spare you from my frustration of yesterday’s results and it’s time to focus on the Brooklyn Nets this Saturday at Toyota Center.  The Houston Rockets should be able to beat them but they must be careful to not take them seriously as they’ll be whipping their heads around again wondering how another game got away from them.

Speaking of looking forward to something, Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle has reported that the return of Eric Gordon, who has been out since Nov. 11 from arthroscopic knee surgery, will be returning back to the lineup likely this weekend.

Feigen indicates that he could start practicing as early as Friday and be ready to rock-and-roll

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against the New Orleans Pelicans Sunday, Dec. 29, the second game of a back-to-back from the Nets the night before.

His absence has been noticeable as he’s one of the few guys that create without having to have someone set him up.  It’s always helpful when Harden brings the ball up to get Gordon going but he can do that within his own right.

The energy, the spark, the three-point shooting marksmanship as well as his defense has been sorely missed while he’s been out.

Ben McLemore‘s minutes have increased while Gordon has been out but he doesn’t provide the same level of potency that Gordon does off the bench.  But with those two combined, I think the bench production improves tremendously with Gordon back in the fold.

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I’m certainly excited about this development and I hope nothing for the best as Gordon climbs his way back to the hardwood.

Gordon, 31, has been averaging 10.9 points and 1.9 rebounds while shooting .309/.284/.643 through nine games — two starts — this season.