Houston Texans should consider resting Deshaun Watson for Week 17

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images)
Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson (Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images) /

Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson took a ton of hits by a tough Bucs’ defense today causing injury. The team should hold him out next week for rest.

Houston Texans fans — our franchise has done it.  It was probably one of the sloppiest games that you’d want to see in terms of the offense on both sides but the team was able to successfully defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 23-20 today.

In a game that would have otherwise no meaning at all, the Houston Texans have locked up the AFC South and they have clinched a playoff berth for the fourth time in six seasons in the Bill O’Brien-era.

Quite remarkable isn’t it?  A lot of NFL coaches right now would love to have that kind of record on their resume in addition to teams that could say they’ve been able to do that on a regular basis.

But it has happened and the team must focus now on trying to win a playoff game — hopefully four — so that they can make something of this 2019 campaign that has sustained just five losses so far.

Let’s hope it stays that way with just one game left in the season but at least one box has been checked among the goals to reach this season by the Houston Texans.

Nonetheless, there’s something I’d like to admonish.  Deshaun Watson got really banged up today and was to the point of him limping his way through the final minutes of the game against the Bucs.

It looked like his left foot because he favored going to the right a lot after the injury earlier in the game.

He made a trip or two to the blue medical tent during the game but each time he was cleared and he trotted himself out back on the field.

But here’s what the Houston Texans should do.

In the interest of ensuring Watson is fully healthy going into the playoffs, they should consider resting him for Week 17, the final game of the season as well as the finale at NRG Stadium.

I know that hell would have to freeze over for this to actually happen unless his injury was absolutely debilitating but it’s something for the franchise to mull.

It’s understandable of the implications — fans that have paid their hard-earned money to go watch him play wouldn’t be able to see him and some would likely feel cheated.  But they should know that it’s in the best interest of the team to keep that man healthy because this team goes as far as he goes.

That’s incredible pressure to bear for a guy that just celebrated his 24th birthday some three

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months ago but I’ve always admired the way he’s been able to deal with it.  He embraces it and uses it for fuel to compete out on the gridiron.

That’s why he commands the utmost respect from me and he will continue to do so as long as he’s a member of the Houston Texans, to which I hope is forever.

You’d have to call the National Guard to pry away his No. 4 jersey and helmet because he’s such a fierce competitor.

Moreover, A.J. McCarron is more than capable of guiding this team through the final game of the season and he’ll have DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller and Kenny Stills — the latter two having their bouts with injuries themselves — out to help the team march downfield.

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But if the injury is not as major as it seems and they feel he’s fine to go out and play, then so be it.

We’ll see how things go — keep it going Houston Texans!