Houston Rockets: Five proposed rule changes for James Harden dunk dilemma

Houston Rockets guard James Harden (Photos by Darren Carroll/NBAE via Getty Images)
Houston Rockets guard James Harden (Photos by Darren Carroll/NBAE via Getty Images) /
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Houston Rockets
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The Solution: Five proposed revisions

Optical Illusion Clause: Five revisions proposed for the 2020-21 NBA season

Proposal 1

A contested basket may be awarded after a game on an appeal by a franchise, and subsequent statistical results may be adjusted to reflect an updated final score by the NBA; however, only games that would be tied, won, or lost by the point value of an inaccurately judged shot attempt are permissible for replay.

Proposal 2

In the event part of a game is deemed to be replayed, the contest must occur at the arena of the home or visiting team where the controversial call initially occurred. If the disputed shot attempt event occurs off-site, the home team reserves the right to host a “game to be resumed later” event in its primary home arena.

Proposal 3

In the event part of a game is to be replayed, the contest must occur from the game time of the disputed shot attempt in respect to the following two circumstances:

a.) Following the initially disputed, but ultimately scored shot, play shall resume from the second the ball falls below the basket. And possession shall go to the team that did not score last, except for when a foul on the scoring play dictates otherwise.

b.) Following the initially disputed, but ultimately missed shot, play shall resume from the actual second that the missed shot incorrectly appeared to go into the basket. To establish possession, both teams may elect to choose any eligible player to participate in a jump ball.

Proposal 4

In the event that part of a game might need to be replayed due to a potential optical illusion situation on a disputed made or missed shot, the NBA crew chief will be tasked with the responsibility of calling a timeout on:

a.) His or her own volition

b.) At the request of a subordinate officiating crew member

c.) At the request of either team’s acting head coach in order to receive a real-time resolution from the NBA Replay Center in New Jersey

Teams attempting to request a made or missed shot review by initially signaling for a timeout will not be charged with a timeout. However, teams requesting unmerited reviews on disputed made or missed shots will be charged with a timeout, as well as face appropriate league-imposed disciplinary measures, potentially inclusive of personnel suspensions, financial penalties, and potential loss of draft picks.

Proposal 5

The game shall not proceed until a judgment regarding a disputed shot has been rendered by

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qualified personnel at the NBA Replay Center. It will remain the responsibility of the crew chief to ascertain if either acting head coach, or any subordinate official, including the official scorer, desires to seek NBA Replay Center assistance for a disputed scoring ruling before play continues.

In the event a disputed shot situation occurs, and play continues, the crew chief is tasked with:

a.) Initiating an official timeout that will not be charged against either time

b.) Coordinating investigation efforts with the NBA Replay Center

c.) Communicating the final decision to the official scorer

d.) Coordinating with official timers to make sure remaining game time resumes from the exact moment that the disputed shot either scored or missed

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