Houston Astros rank just about right on FanSided 250

Houston Astros (Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
Houston Astros (Photo by Cooper Neill/MLB Photos via Getty Images) /

The votes have been tallied and the FanSided 250 is out! The Houston Astros are ranked just about right in the latest poll, where did they fall? Look.

Houston Astros fans — your voices have been heard and FanSided has released its latest ranking of sports fandoms across the world — we call it the FanSided 250 — and you’ll be surprised as to how high fans regard this franchise.

Is it poetic justice?  Just six years ago, this team wallowing in the misery of an elongated rebuilding project, being told to “trust the process,” when we didn’t know what the end game would be.

The Houston Astros were fresh off their third-straight triple-digit loss season and the likelihood the team would be contending for a just a winning season — let alone a world championship — seemed vastly in jeopardy.

But then 2014 happened where they won an encouraging 70 games and by the time 2015 started to roll around, we all had the belief that this team was on the cusp being something great, especially with the smorgasbord of prospects that the Houston Astros picked over that length of time of losing actually coming online to join the team.

George Springer, Carlos Correa and Alex Bregman have morphed being among the core assets of this team’s success and I’d be hard-pressed to fathom that they wouldn’t be in that realm without them.

Since 2015, the Houston Astros have won 86, 84, 101, 103 and a franchise-record 107 games respectively which does include the 2017 World Series’ win over the Los Angeles Dodgers.

It felt like the Houston Astros literally went from worst to first overnight and the future is bright.

They’re no longer pretenders but perennial contenders, especially with the hard work that not only the players emanate but the leadership of the front office as well.

That has recently come into question with the team being at the center point of an investigation alleging the team of sign-stealing but it doesn’t take away the industriousness of this organization to find committed individuals that mirror the traits of the ultimate warrior.

Houston Astros fans know this and we are forever grateful for that 2017 championship amid a dark fall season of destruction where Hurricane Harvey, one of the most devastating storms of this era, caused billions of damage to the city of Houston with an immense amount of flooding.

As the city that was down the doldrums, the Houston Astros lifted us and provided the city’s first pro sports championship in more than two decades.  I was in downtown Houston watching the game back then and it truly was one of the most memorable moments in my life and that I’ll cherish forever, reveling with my fellow Houston Astros‘ sports fans.

This has catapulted the Houston Astros to a rank of No. 42 overall and third among teams in the MLB on the FanSided 250.  Considering that the Houston Astros have only been around just a bit over a half a century when the game of baseball has been around for far longer, that’s an accomplishment.

The Houston Astros had been notoriously cheap during the losing seasons, especially with energy magnate Jim Crane buying the team from Drayton McLane for $680 million back in mid-2011. 

I had wondered if he was just a stop-gap owner, one that just looking to make a quick buck with

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an notable investment but spend little capital on upkeep and possibly move the team elsewhere. With him still being onboard some eight years later, there’s no question of his unwavering commitment to the Bayou City.

According to Forbes, as of this past April, the Houston Astros are now valued at $1.8 billion so it’s safe to say that his investment has paid off with the team now being the 10th-most valuable franchise in MLB.

Crane is spending money too — awarding mainstay Jose Altuve a well-deserved, five-year, $151 million extension, along with a two-year, $66M one for Justin Verlander and a six-year, $100 million deal for Bregman.  All of those new contracts kick in this upcoming season.

Springer is likely next to get his payday and I’d imagine his cut would be somewhere within those ranges whether it’s this season or the next, when he becomes a free agent.

Astros ranked No. 42 on the FanSided 250. dark. Next

There’s no question that the future is bright for this team and it’s quite obvious that this franchise has the strong backing of the fans that make it as whole as it is.

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