Houston Texans need to put up shut up and quit being fraudulent

Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans fell to the Denver Broncos in one of the most embarrassing losses in franchise history yesterday. It’s time to put up or shut up!

Houston Texans fans — are you able to tell me where you were at what you were doing when the team took on the Denver Broncos yesterday?  Were you trying to watch that farce of a match yesterday afternoon?

If you were like me, you tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, you tried to understand the logic behind to such a piss-poor performance but when it all comes down to it, there was absolutely no excuse for what we saw yesterday.

It was one of the moments that made me be embarrassed to be a Houston Texans‘ fan which ranks up there with when the team faced the Miami Dolphins on the road back in October 2015, a trip that I actually made to go see my beloved team play at Hard Rock Stadium, or whatever they call that facility these days.  It seems like the name changes depending on the flavor of the month.

But do you remember that?  The Houston Texans were getting their butts kicked 41-0 by the time halftime rolled around and never recovered.  Although the team didn’t allow another touchdown in the second half, the damage had been done and it still looms at one of the worst losses in history.

It was hot, extremely humid and after the Dolphins scored that 41st point, a torrential downpour engulfed that stadium, leaving me drenching wet and took away any confidence of the Houston Texans trying to get back into the game.

If it wasn’t for the beautiful surroundings of South Beach as well as the mostly-favorable weather — including the beautiful women — this trip would’ve been worthless for me to take.  But that’s what kept my spirits high.

As we know, that game was a turning point to the season and the team eventually finished up 9-7 to qualify for the postseason for the first time in three seasons but that happening was totally unnecessary.

Yesterday’s game occurred in a similar fashion where the Houston Texans came out looking flat and they made Broncos’ rookie quarterback Drew Lock — in his first-career start — look like a Pro-Bowler and a possible answer to their musical chairs of QBs that they’ve had through this season.

You know it’s bad when you see how far Joe Flacco, perfectly-coiffed hair and all stand from the sidelines, wondering what in the hell happened for him to lose his job in the first place.  I actually wished that he had been playing because I would’ve known the Houston Texans would’ve ensured that Flacco would’ve transitioned to “Fluke-o” in short order, coughing up the football in their hands.

But it didn’t happen, Lock passed for 309 yards — 11.4 yards per attempt — along with three touchdowns and one interception for a 136.0 QB rating.

The Houston Texans were powerless against their attack and it continues to boggle my mind to no end.

Johnathan Joseph tried to make the big play early-in but missed the tackle on Noah Fant that eventually turned into a score for the Broncos.  Laremy Tunsil was racking up false start penalties as if they were going out of style and Keke Coutee fumbled his way into Broncos’ fumble recovery that changed the momentum of the game.

Vernon Hargreaves even was getting the Okie-doke by Tim Patrick and then one Jeff Heuerman got his turn on him too.

Kareem Jackson had been circling this game on his calendar the entire season and it showed, starting with the bone-crunching, fine-worthy hit he made on DeAndre Hopkins.  He also had one interception, three passes defensed, 11 combined tackles and one touchdown off an interception that he’ll be heralding for quite a long time.

I have no ill-will toward K-Jax but the Houston Texans shouldn’t have let him get out of hand like that because when you’re on the other side of the line, it’s all about business and about who will in the war.

But based on the way the Houston Texans played, they didn’t put up a fight.

Deshaun Watson tried his utmost to make plays and his diving leap into the end zone for the touchdown was truly the key highlight from the game other than Ka’imi Fairbairn actually banging in a field goal from 54 yards out.

Watson finished with 292 yards passing — with a shabby 5.8 yards per attempt — along with one touchdown, two interceptions and two rushing touchdowns for a 63.1 rating.  I don’t blame Watson but I’d be remiss to say he didn’t have the greatest of games either.

I don’t want even talk about the final score because it doesn’t matter and plus I’m sure you already know what it was.  They lost, BIG TIME and that’s all you need to know.

Do you know who I blame?

The coaching staff — Bill O’Brien, Romeo Crennel, everybody employed by OB because they did not have this team ready to play yesterday and it’s absolutely unacceptable against a team that has no chance of qualifying for the playoffs.

They were punch drunk from the highs of beating the New England Patriots last Sunday in prime-time and they forgot the task at hand of trying to run the table to get a great seed in the AFC playoff race.

This loss has now put them in a dead heat with the red-hot Tennessee Titans, who’s explosive

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offense anchored by Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry could be hard to stop with a defense that’s missing J.J. Watt, notwithstanding the re-assurance that he’d make much of a difference either.

If the Titans win out and the Houston Texans lose out, Mike Vrabel will have successfully guided his team to playoff berth after an awful start and storybook ending to a tumultuous season.  It will be the Houston Texans with eggs on their faces and I don’t want that.

But it’s a conceivable scenario…

So here’s the deal — the Houston Texans need to get their act together and decide if they want to be the team that we expected them to be or ride off into the sunset as complete total frauds, tricking us fans to believing in them and spending our hard-earned money going to their games.

It’s up to them but I suspect that they all share one common backbone and there going to steer this ship in the right direction with this game being a wake-up call.

But the question should be — will it be too late by the time they answer that call?

Next. Texans: Bill O'Brien will be in power for the foreseeable future. dark

We’re about to see what they’re made of and until then, I don’t want to hear any excuses because it’s crunch time and they must put up or shut up!

Come on Houston Texans — let’s get this done!  Three games to go!