Houston Texans: Bill O’Brien will remain in power for the foreseeable future

Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)
Houston Texans head coach Bill O'Brien (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images) /

The Houston Texans will retain the current power structure with Bill O’Brien at the top for the foreseeable future. What’s the latest with this development?

Houston Texans fans — it’s GO time for tonight’s matchup against the New England Patriots.  It definitely something we’ve been waiting on and it’s truly the most important game of the season despite there being just a few more weeks to go before the end of 2019.

This team is sporting a 7-4 record through 11 weeks of competition and that’s remarkable considering the challenges this team has had throughout the season.  But it’s the resilience of this team being able to win these games is what is making this 2019 campaign something special.

Now I’m not going to sugar coat things and say that every win was a masterpiece because it was far from it but at the end of the way, it’s about how many W’s you have on the left side of the column.  If you have just enough, then you get to play bonus games for some shiny object that reportedly referred to as the Vince Lombardi trophy. Wow!

Although there’s a lot of football left to play, I’m still optimistic about this team hitting a goal of winning at least two playoff games.  One would be nice but two would be sweeter because it will demonstrate to the world that this franchise is no longer a wet-behind-the-ears, young, also-ran but an organization that is serious about winning the big one.

That all comes down to Deshaun Watson, the pillar of such a statute that I hope to see sooner than later.

So the pieces are in place — with just a minute amount of holes — and apparently, the executive power structure of the Houston Texans will remain the same as it has been for the foreseeable future.

NFL Insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Houston Texans are not planning to hire a general manager in 2020 so this definitely means that the current power structure will remain intact after being asked if they’d pursue Pats’ GM Nick Caserio this offseason.

If this continues to work, you can best believe that this will be the status quo for the foreseeable future.

But what does the structure look like?

It’s basically a committee of three men at the top with Bill O’Brien, Jack Easterby, executive vice

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president of team development — whom they poached from the Pats this past offseason — and Chris Olsen, senior vice president of football administration.

As you probably know, Chris is the wizard that manages the team’s salary cap, Easterby can

handle a variety of duties including being a team chaplain among other things and both report to O’Brien, who has the final say on any decision to be made.

Houston Texans‘ chairman Cal McNair has given the unorthodox strategy his blessing, indicating

that the organization is now “flatter,” with fewer middlemen in-between, referring to the ousted Brian Gaine, who was only the job for 17 months, was fired back this past June.

I balked at the idea at first of the Houston Texans not having a general manager in place, in concerns that it would be too much on O’Brien’s plate, that’s already running over, to begin with.  But he has managed it well, making deals for Duke Johnson, Carlos Hyde and trading for Laremy Tunsil and Kenny Stills.  All four have been extremely beneficial to this team’s success.

Did you expect them to be 7-4 at this point?

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Belichick also has that similar kind of power with the Pats, having the final decision on any personnel decisions and I think O’Brien is trying to mirror that, showing that not only he can coach but he can mold an organization into his image.

Whether or not this approach will continue to be successful remains to be seen but I’m willing to give it a try.

We’ll see what happens — go Houston Texans!